Thursday, 23 December 2010

Vintage plates - FOUND! and 100 Followers - WOO!

Hello and Merry Christmas eve eve! Just logged on to see that I'm on 100 followers so thank you all for reading my blog :)
Well, I blogged only last week how I often looked for 50s and 60s plates when car booting/junk/charity shopping and never found any...well....I went Charity shopping yesterday in my local town, and found 6 vintage plates! hooray!
The best places for vintage crockery are always the Salvation Army, and Hospice shops (where I got my plates from). Morbid as it is, these are the places that do the house clearances, or get stuff left to them when people pass on...and obviously these are the homes that the 50s and 60s stuff comes from that people have had stashed away for years. I like to think that they would be happy that their old crockery was being put to good use again :)
Anyway....enought they are;
Ironware by Biltons of Staffordshire. Hand painted 1960s - 50p Salvation Army

Milkware - Made in England 1960s. I got 2 dinner plates and 2 side plates in this design for £1.50 the lot
Milkware - Made in England 1960s - 50p
I shall be serving my Xmas Eve guests their evening meal on these!


  1. I am a plate fiend too. I love all of those, especially the first ones. Great design. Food always looks and taste better on vintage dinnerware!

  2. big scores hun..boot sales also ..I always find vintage cookware dinner plates.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year hun!

  3. Congrats on your 100 followers. Your blog rocks! Awesome finds. I'm still on a too regular basis annoyed with myself not taking more stuff from my hubby's grandparents houseclearance when they passed away. Everything was from 50's & 60's. And why didn't I? I was 8 months preggies at the time and clearly not thinking straight. The thought of first emptying our "new" stuff from our house to make room to vintage goodies was too much :(