Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowed under!

Ha! In more ways than one I have been totally snowed under with work the past week, hence lack of posts (sorry!).Also, as you may know we are having Arcrtic winds blasting us in the UK at the moment and its resulting in a bit of chaos, especially in the far North & Scotland. Thankfully we just got a little bit where I live so its not too bad, but temperatures are going right down to 0c during the day and -6c at night. Brr!
I am certainly appreciating being self employed at the moment as I can hide in my house, put my furry slippers on and get on with some work without the chilly commute! The snow is not too much of a bad thing anyway - I have had a dramatic increase in web sales this week from Scotland and Wales, so if people can't get to physical shops, they are shopping online instead :)
Before the snow hit really badly at the weekend, Michael and I managed an overnight trip to York at the end of last week to do some Xmas shopping - and to have a little break from work. I mentioned a few months ago that I love York, as I lived ther for 3 years when I went to University there. At Xmas it looks lovely with the festive lights against the historic buildings and my favorite street in the whole world, is Stonegate at Christmas;
It even snowed a bit when we were there!

Me wrapped up warm. I'm a big fan of earmuffs rather than a hat in winter - hats ruin my Bettie Bangs!
I'm stood on Stonegate outside a shop called Heaven Forbid that stocks my jewellery :)

And a shot of York Minster in the winter sun
This week I am busy making stock for the Kustom Kristmas fair that I am doing in London. Really hope that the snow calms down a bit so me (and my stock!) can get down there and to the show.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


This is a post for all you London dwelling folk....I am taking part in a very cool show in a few weeks time - KUSTOM KRISTMAS!

London Lowbrow & Kustom Ko-op presents the first ever Kustom Kristmas event, at The Horatia, Holloway, London. Taking place on the 5th December from 1pm til 11 pm, Kustom Kristmas features the cream of London’s alternative crafters, makers and artists.

Come and celebrate Christmas in style at Kustom Kristmas, have Sunday lunch, and peruse the stalls featuring one of a kind Christmas gifts, jewellery, home wares, clothing and greetings cards. Our Art Korner features emerging Kustom, Lowbrow, Tattoo and Tiki artists, and Live painting and Pinstriping. Entry is free, and there will be live bands Voodoo Bones and Dead Sails, plus DJs playing Rockabilly, Rock N Roll and Punkabilly til closing time.

The Horatia is conveniently located 5 minutes walk from Holloway and Highbury & Islington Tube stations.

Stall Holders and artists:

Beany   Clumsy    David Heulen     Dolly Cool     Georgia Kay-Jagusch       KalaHula

Katie A-Go-Go     Korero Books     Lady K Loves    Lady Rinth      Lily Bamboo

Little Miss Delicious    Los Furias Tiki      More Brains, Vicar?       Pennychoo

Sacred Stitches          Tamara Lee Photography       Von Leadfoot Pinstriping

Please help spread the word if you know anyone who you think would like to come! :)

Monday, 22 November 2010

This weekends buys....

Its true to say at the moment that I dont get out much - I'm so busy with Xmas orders I dont have time! I did make a free morning on Saturday however to pop into Manchester for my craft group meeting and to get some ribbons and other supplies that I needed for upcoming shows.
I did however manage to treat myself to a few goodies along the way courtesy of the fabulous Rockers - Manchesters very own rockabilly shop!

This is what I bought:
Miss Fortune Scarlett Fever Top

Tiki Farm Tiki Mug. This is my new pen pot!

And this lovely Kreepsville 666 Sugar Skull & Rose patch.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I got some press!

I was just commenting on someone elses blog the other day how I haven't been very proactive in getting myself some press. I'm good at designing, making and working to deadlines - but terrible at self promotion and marketing! Its going to be my new years resolution to get Dolly Cool more press attention.
Saying that - I have got some press this month which I am very excited about, as its my first piece of printed press coverage as Dolly Cool. I am featured in the November/December issue of Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine:
Its an internationally distributed magazine and full of cool stuff like art, airbrushing, pinstriping, tattoos, tiki,shows and events, music etc.
And my feature, which is on the Kustom Kristmas Stocking Filler page!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A trip to Moomin Valley!

Hooray - I finally made it to the Moomin exhibition! (I went a few weeks ago - and the gallery was shut!).
It was worth the wait anyway. Tove Jaanson is one of my all time favorite illustrators. Her quirky drawings and use of line work is quite somthing else, so I was thrilled to see a large colletion of original line drawings from her personal collection and sketchbooks on show at the gallery. The thing I love about the Moomins is that the cartoon is a bit dark - a sinister edge. The Moomins themselves are cute little hippo like creatures, but there are lots of other weird and wonderful other characters hiding in the stories too.
All completely done with small, thin lines - amazing.
Loved this windswept Moomin Mama!

Throughout the gallery, there were these moomin stickers on the floor. I wanted to peel them off to stick on my floor at home ;)
A recreation of Moomin Valley in an area of the gallery. Good interactive stuff for the kids!

And of course, I had to get a picture of me as Moomin Mama!
The only downside to the trip was that there was hardly any merchandise in the shop :(
 They only had a few badges. I was hoping for books, cards and whatever else I could lay my hands on!
The exhibition runs until January 15th and is on at Bury Art Gallery (North West England).

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Weekend in London

Hello! I am back from a hectic weekend in London. I went down to visit my buddy Kate and it was non stop! On Saturday night we went watching punkabilly swiss band The Peacocks. I have seen them about 4 times now and they are always fantastic;
Kate took this one. It really captures them as Simon on Double Bass never stands still!
On Sunday, we went to Camden and had some lunch and did some shopping. Camden is always so busy and heaving with tourists - it gets a bit annoying. I do love going into Collectif (Repro Rockabilly clothing and accessories) and the Artbox shop (Super kawaii Hello Kitty mecca!) however, and you can always get something yummy to eat from one of the trillions of vendors. We opted for Chinese.
Sunday night - we went to see Psychobilly band - Guana Batz. I have liked these guys for around 5 years but never seen them live. They have been going since the early 80s and half of them live in the States now so they dont tour here very often. It was worth the wait - they were awesome!
Throughout the gig I was just in awe of lead singer Pip's body suit. It is amazing. Really well done and beautiful colours. Its japanese/tropical inspired with loads of flowers. You can see it better here;
So I have come home now for a rest - ha! Yeah right! With Christmas round the corner (always sneaks up so fast) I am getting loads of orders so busy times - yay! :)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Vintage Teacup Candle

I'm not the only creative one in my family! My elder sister, Elaine, has been busy making these fab vintage teacup candles;
The cup and saucer were part of a full set, picked up from a charity shop and the candles are re-melted from old/used candles. Completely recycled, refillable and very pretty!
Elaine is also a dab hand with the knitting needles - something which I have just never managed to have the patience for. This is coming in very handy for my Xmas present, as she is knitting me a jumper from an original 50s pattern that I picked up in a charity shop for just 10 pence. Pics to follow after Christmas! :)

Monday, 8 November 2010

New Ink

So today I got a new tattoo! I have been wanting a heart padlock for quite some time now, so I decided that I was going to have it on the top of my back, in the centre and here it is;
              I love the result! My fabulous tattoo artist and friend Beany of Beany Tattoo did it for me.
I love tattoos - love the end result, but HATE the actual getting them. Some people like the whole experience (sadists!) but I can honestly say, that if you could get knocked out while they did it, I would be up for that! The red bit was excruciating!!  :-s
All my tattoos are pretty pictures - I dont get things that 'mean' something, or that are relevant to a certain person or thing- I just like the aesthetics. I also have my tattoos in places where they can be covered up if I want them to be - this one is done under the collar line. I love half and full sleeves, but I know that they are not for me. (Breathe sigh of relief mum & dad!!)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Red Shoes x 2 and an interview

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a bit of a thing for red shoes! You can never have too many pairs of shiny red shoes, so this past few weeks I have treated myself to 2 new pairs....they were of course super bargains, you know me ;-).....

Patent wedge heels - £5 from the Office sale shop. In Manchester, we have a little Office (UK shoe chain) sale shop. Its full of lots of end of line/season shoes, and its a bit of a rummage, but seek and ye shall find is my motto!

Patent Dr Marten style boots - £16, Priceless Shoes off Ebay.
The real deal Dr Martens are £70 ($113/80 EUR) - and these look pretty much the same, so bargain!
They are very comfortable and waterproof, perfect for the British Autumnal (wet!) weather.
And the interview; I have been interviewed by the lovely people who run Cheap Magazine - a publication supporting artists, illustrators and designer/makers. To read the interview and find out more about Cheap Magazine, click HERE.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Xmas shopping, failed Moomin trip & some thrifty bargains!

On Monday this week, I went xmas shopping with my big sister, Elaine. We had planned this a while back, but were thrilled to find out that the place we were going shopping was hosting a Moomin Exhibition at the local art gallery. I've probably mentioned this before but im a HUGE moomin fan - they scared but fascinated me as a child, but I grew to love them more as an adult.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, was really excited about seeing the exhibition (lots of original sketches and animation slides, puppets etc), I forgot to check the opening hours. Shut on mondays! Bummer. Oh well, we are going to go in a few weeks instead. Report to follow....
Anyway, so we got on with doing some Xmas shopping, had some lunch, and of course went charity shopping too! This is what I got;
Alexander Henry tattoo print bag (originally from Black Rose in Camden, London) - brand new with tags £3
Marks & Spencer Per Una Jeans - Again, brand new with tags - £1 on the bargain rail!
What a steal! They are a lovely dark denim, high waisted and quite flared - so like sailor pants. They fit perfectly too :)
And bargain of the day - Two Royal Doulton Fine Bone China 'The Snowman' mugs from 1985 in mint condition - £1.25 each. These are collectable and worth about £20-£25 each. Not that I'm selling them mind, I love The Snowman, so these are for cups of tea :)