Friday, 14 January 2011

Can't believe I forgot the Aloe Vera!

In my last post regarding skincare, I can't believe I forgot my all time fave can't-live-without product! Aloe Vera Gel!

I started using this only a few years ago after seeing the effect it had on a family member who sustained a bad ankle injury. You can get it from health food stores for around £3 for a toothpaste sized tube and it can be used for anything including healing of bruises, blisters, irritated skin, sunburn, shaving niks etc. As its super pure, non greasy and clear - its great to use and know you can't see it, or that it won't stain and ruin your clothes.
The main thing I use it for is spots! It really is the best thing I have ever used - you put some Aloe Vera on them at night, and in the morning they look a million times better. And of course, its hypo allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. Highly recommended!
Right, thats it on the skincare waffle for now...back to normal posts! :)


  1. The toothpaste is fab too. I'm allergic to ordinary toothpaste and my dentist recommended it as an alternative.