Saturday, 22 January 2011

Exciting flea market finds!

Today, Michael and I were up bright and early to go to our favourite Saturday flea market at Earlestown. I really miss car boots in winter - they just dont put them on where I live as the weather is too bad for them to have them in a field, and the majority of the indoor ones round here are pretty rubbish (too many market traders with new stuff) but this one is a good bet....when the weather permits!
We have been waiting to go to this for a few weekends as although its on every week of the year, it has been raining/snowing the past few weeks, so when the forecast was cold, but dry for today we were all set!
I'm so glad that we went as we got some great finds today...including quite a valuable one for a super bargain price :))
So this is what we found today....
 'Royal Vale 8374' by Ridgway Potteries 60's coffee cup - 25p (40c)
'Kon-Tiki' by Palissy - 50s milk jug, 25p (40c)
60s necklace - £1 ($1.60)
60s handbag - £1.50 ($2.40)
And....exciting find of the day.....
60s Conran Maclamp - £2 ($3.20)
Michael spotted this lamp.....we didn't even haggle on the price, we just paid it!! It was a bit grubby, but took 5 mins to clean up. This lamp was designed by Terence Conran for Habitat in the 60s, and when we checked on ebay....they sell for between £150 - £200!! ($240 - $320) eeekkk!
Its not for sale though....its for my sewing table! Very happy with todays bargain hunting :))


  1. Oh god, I don't know what I envy more the jug or the bag! What a fabulous haul.

  2. You had a great day! I love the lamp!

  3. The jug and the coffee cup are just atomic-tastic! The bag and necklace are very cute! I cannot believe the lamp! I guess the seller had no idea what its real value is!! That is amazing! Great finds!

  4. I love the milk jug, what a lovely design!

    Wow on the lamp, I wouldn't know what I had but I would love that for my sewing table too, I really need some light in that area, hope I'm as lucky as you!

  5. The Earstown market has been mentioned to me by a neighbour and I never realised it could be so good. Well done on all your finds - love the lamp esp.
    I'm missing my boot fairs and counting down til they restart again.

  6. oh my really great scores..I know I cant wait for boot sales to start..the indoor ones here are crappy too and the cold car park one all the atomic jugs and the bag...I never find proper vintage bags.

  7. Awesome finds. The jug is my favourite. Lovely pattern. I haven't een for car boot for ages as I've cleared so much clutter from our house and made a decision not buy anything that I REALLY need (how boring is that!)

  8. That's some kick ass finds Clare.

  9. Congrats on the lamp find! What a steal and I love that milk jug too. It's really unusual and the design is great.

  10. Great finds! I love your blog, so passing on this Stylish Blogger Award... see

  11. The mug and the jug! I'm in love! Good work.