Monday, 31 January 2011

Rockabilly Night at the Irish Centre

So, this weekend saw myself and Little Rascal doing an all-night show at the Irish Centre in Birmingham, which had live entertainment from Rockabilly band, The Draggin' Trio (who were awesome!) and Psychobilly legends, Restless.
The show went well, the venue was packed and the bands were rockin'. The only downside was that I travelled from home, which was about a 1 hr 40 min drive away - so after leaving the venue after 2am, I didn't get home until 4am and spend yesterday in a stupified zombie-like state!
I'm looking forward to doing the next event at the end of March when its an all day/nighter as Swedish band The Domestic Bumblebees are headlining. I last saw the 'Bumble's at Rhythm Riot and they were brilliant. And Im going to stay over next time so no drive home at silly o'clock!
Here are a few photos from the night.....silly me forgot to take a photo of Rascal and I! She looked fabulous in her tropical hawaiian outfit too :)
Our stalls...Cool tropical to the left, spot and gingham chaos to the right!
Markus and Brett from The Draggin' Trio
Psychobillies watching Restless. This was just before they started wrecking and smashing glasses! :-o