Thursday, 13 January 2011

Skincare & Make-Up...what I use

It was really interesting to read all your comments on my last post regarding your thoughts on ageing, skin and haircare so following on from this, I thought I'd share with you what I use as skincare and makeup.
Firstly, I do agree with Fiona at Straight Talking Mama that a lot of what happens to your skin is genetic, and with Kim at The Kim Show that wearing sunscreen is another massive influence. I also really liked what Ina at Good Rockin' Baby said on a previous post that "You should not treat your face as you do the kitchen floor" (ie. scrubbing at it!).
I do also believe that a lot of what happens to your exterior, comes from within so I don't smoke, only drink very moderately and eat healthily (most of the time!). As I said in my previous post, I know I have pretty good skin for my age - but I want to keep it that was for as long as possible! I also mentioned that I have very sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions left right and centre so I usually have to patch test anything new I try to make sure I don't come out in hives....oh the Glamour! This is what I use skincare wise;
My main moisturiser is good old Nivea Creme;
I've been using this for years. Its cheap, hypo allergenic and its been around for 100 years or so...

Some nice vintage Nivea Ads I found

Simple face wipes (and the Simple anti wrinkle eye cream I posted about yesterday). If you have sensitive skin, you cant go wrong with Simple products. 

Johnson & Johnson bodywash. PH neutral and this is the big brand name when it comes to baby stuff so I know it will be skin gentle
Another staple for years - E45. Fab as hypoallergenic moisturiser for all over.

And make-up wise, I may be a general thrifty cheapskate (!!) but I dont like cheap make-up. I don't wear loads anyway, so what I do wear, I figure its worth spending a bit more on things that are nice and good quality (apart from Nail Varnish where anything goes!) This is what I use;
Maybelline Minerals Powder foundation. I'm so glad that all this minerals stuff came out a few years ago - it really is a godsend for sensitive skin! I also hate liquid/mousse foundations so this is ideal.

Benefit Dallas powder blusher. I love Benefit! As you will see....
Benefit Brow Zings - One is a tinted wax to shape, one is a brow powder. A great kit that lasts for ages. I do like getting my brows tinted and waxed but can't be bothered all the time so this kit is great for inbetween times.

Benefit It Stick. The magical concealer! I also have used Benefit Boi-ing concealer too. Great for those pesky eyebags!

MAC eyeshadows. Nice colours and they stay put without irritation...

As do Clinique eyeshadows. I always choose soft shimmer shades in browns/bronze/gold type colours, and I also like silvery greys.
And finally Benefit Bad Gal mascara. Its a good standard mascara, its jet black and doesnt flake. So thats what I use!


  1. I also use a mineral powder [just another brand] and I also think that it's a god sent thing :D And how is the maybeline mineral powder? Do they have a light shades? :)

  2. Those are great products my Buddy's nan use to wear alot of simple products because she said its the only brand she likes for sensitive skin..I wear boing Benefit concealer too.

  3. I use a simple Loreal moisturizer with SPF and have for 20 years. Sometimes the simplest of skincare is the best to help keep you youthful.

  4. I'm desperate to find a good concealer to go under my eyes so I shall investigate the Benefit!

  5. You can't beat nivea and e45! I use the Nivea lotion, it's looser and easier to absorb in the morning. The simple, original things often work the best.

  6. I'm pretty much on same lines with moisturisers. E45 rules! I use usually quite cheap make up - the once a week I usually wear some. I have to look into Benefit brow kit. Gal needs a treat sumtime :)

  7. I love the Benefit Brow Zings kit, I don't have one at the moment, can't afford it, and miss it!

    You know what's weird, I have the most unsensitive skin ever, nothing makes me react, yet I tried Simple eyemake up remover and it really irritated me, how weird is that?!!!

    I started on Clinique moisturiser years ago when I was in the US & it was soooo much cheaper than the UK, it may be more expensive but it lasts forever, I've since tried others but I always go back!

  8. Good to see that we are all on the same lines that fuss free skin care products are the way forward! It never fails to amaze me that magazines are always promoting these £40/£50/£100 face and eye creams - who actually uses them?!
    Gin Cherry - I have used other brands of minerals but like Maybelline best. And they do a wide variety of shades, I have super pale skin so get the lightest one possible!

  9. I'm also a long term user of original Nivea but in lotion form. None of this Nivea Visage/Q10 nonsense! That Brow Zings looks great. I've been looking for something to whip my eyebrows into submission - must give it a try - thanks

  10. Dooly, thank you for your answer, I think I'll chekc the maybeline the next time, cause now I have a full jar of mine [bought few days ago] :)

  11. I really love how you added some old nivea ads.
    i've been looking for a good mascara. so when my current one runs out, i'm going to look around for the kind you use.