Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday trip to the Antique Mill...

Today, Michael and I finally went to a little known about antique centre in East Manchester called Empire House Antiques. We were told about this place by a couple at the Tutti Frutti 50s weekender last July as somewhere that is great for period and mid century finds that only really dealers go to (even though it is open to the public). They dont even have a website - hence no link!
It did not disappoint anyway - there was so much nice stuff in a big old warehouse, with 3 floors full to the brim of furniture, fittings and home furnishings. I kept saying "I can't believe we have never been here before" seeing as we have known about it for over 6 months! (ahem!).
Cloak and dagger entrance....this is the only (small) sign to tell you where it is!
We went straight upstairs to look at the nik naks and homewear. The first booth we came to was 'Planet Vintage Girl'. This was IMO the best booth! The owner, Laura was really friendly and helpful and we had a good chat to her about her shop and all the cool stuff in it. She very kindly agreed to let me take a few photos in there;
Mmm look at all that cool stuff! Right on the top shelves you can just see folded fabric - mostly all barkcloth! She even had some Franciscan Starburst crockery (Atomic era US crockery that you can't get here!) but only saucers..although Laura did say she had a few other pieces at the other location they have...hmmmmmm...
And the outer bit of the booth with filled with mid century furniture and fabrics. There was a fabulous set of four dining chairs that were covered in atomic barkcloth (you can just see one - the green chair).
Back on the ground floor was piled sky high with all sorts of period furntiure from all eras - mainly 1900's-1970s.
Totally loved this 50s cabinet - the sliding doors had an orange and brown what looked like a 'lamp' print on and it was in great condition, and only £25. It would have gone so well in our front room but we just don't have anywhere to put it :(
Also loved this chair!
Everything was like this - all piled up could spend hours rooting!
Awesome 50s kitchenette units in original white and green colourway. There was also a sink unit and two lower cupboard sets. Argh! Need bigger house!

And loved this sunburst interior door too. There was so much good stuff I could have taken a hundred photos. We didn't buy anything today but it is somewhere where we will definetely be going every few months! Love finding hidden gems like this :)


  1. Wow, this looks so exciting! What a treasure trove. Might take a trip up the M62 to have a look at that soon if I can manage to persuade my husband! x

  2. Did you buy anything? I love sorting through old shops like that. That type of store was where I found the vintage bras I like to wear for only $1 each.

  3. I want that chair too! and all that furniture!

  4. omg that looks fabulous, we have nothing like that round here, I need that sunburst door! mmmm might have to take a trip up to Manchester at some point!!

  5. Wow, it reminds me of Snooper's Paradise in Brighton only much less overcrowded!

  6. It was really exciting to look round - my heart was racing at all the fab stuff (is that sad?!) And sadly, no Kim, I didn't buy anything this time but I'm sure I will in future!

  7. Wow it's like Ronnie Scotts in Margate. I spent pretty much a whole day in there, it was amazing.

    I take my hat off to you on managing to get out of there without buying anything!

  8. Wow...I have to go!
    Please send me the address...I'm also desperate to get to the furniture auctions but they are always when I'm working. x

  9. I've just moved to Manchester and want to pick up some retro nicknacks for my new house so I will add this to my list of places to visit - thanks!

  10. Clare: This place is a "regular" visit for us as it's only 250yds from the Studio. :)

    In fact, I was in there myself just yesterday and "The Cavern" in the old mill just down the road.