Thursday, 20 January 2011

Today I have been mostly listening to.....

Firstly, thanks to everyone for entering my giveaway and for your nice still have until next tuesday so carry on with your entries and good luck!
I got the Imelda May album, Mayhem, yesterday. To be honest, I'm not normally a big fan of female vocalists - (about 99% of everything I own is male vocal!) - but having seen Imelda on Jools Holland and some other TV shows recently, I decided she is really good! I also like the way she comes across in interviews - she seems like a cool gal who isnt full of herself, and her voice has a really rock-y edge to it. If you like your rockabilly with a definite rock n' roll edge, this is well worth a listen:

I have also been listening to The Dodge Brothers today (UK readers may recognise the film crictic and journalist Mark Kermode, who is the Double Bassist). I Got their album, Louisa and The Devil, last year and its really good....its described as rockabilly with skiffle...its got some really upbeat numbers and some ballads...its one of my current faves! You can have a listen here:


  1. I love Imelda May! My ex-boyfriend turned me onto her in 2007. (I was separated at the time I had the Boyfriend, FYI)

  2. i have to say, imelda's not managed to get into my music list yet, but i can warmly recommend a band called devil doll (american), saw them live last year n they kick ass. still buzzing about it. she has a gorgeous voice and just can't stop listening to this band...