Saturday, 12 February 2011

£1.60 Charity spending spree and another Bakelite super bargain!

I ♥ Charity shopping! Michael and I went to one of our favourite local Charity Shop haunts this morning (it has about 10 on one long street) and I picked up the following vintage goodies;
Fave find of the day; Bright yellow pop flowers 60s mug - 25p ($0.40) ♥♥
Vintage knitting patterns - to be passed on to my sister for commissions ;) - 30p ($.50) each
I was loving Rascal's tropical Bamboo Bangles that she wore when we did our show a few weeks ago in Birmingham, so was really pleased to find two today in one of the shops! Copy Cat! ;)
Bamboo and red plastic bangles - 25p ($0.40c) each
Today's total spend = £1.60! ($2.60)

I also received another of my Bakelike super bargains today in the post. I won this egg yolk spacer bangle and screw back earring set from Ebay for just $9.99 (about £6.50!); good is this.....the lovely seller included as a gift ANOTHER set of Bakelite earrings completely free! Woo! Checked them out on Etsy and similar pairs are listed for $25/pair!!
Orange Bakelite clip hoops = FREE!
This is what I wore today! My new Bakelite egg yolk earrings and bangle, along with other Bakelite bangles, and the 60's necklace I got from the flea market the other week.
Cardigan is from F&F at Tesco, and my fave glasses are Vivienne Westwood (The only designer thing I actually own, and yes - of course they were a bargain!) ♥


  1. Wow, love the mug and the bamboo bangles. What an amazing free gift, those earrings are gorgeous

  2. you did always find the most cutest mugs and dinnerware.
    bakelite bangle and red earrings are have quite a great collection going.
    I love bamboo too.
    pretty..looking all decked to rock Mamas.

  3. I love the bamboo bangles great find! Also really love the 'free' bakelite earrings, lucky you!

  4. The mug is ACE. Takes me right back to my Gran's kitchen.

  5. Really neat finds as usual! :)
    No, you're not a copy cat, I take it as a compliment.
    Had a friend in Sweden that sat up all night on eBay trying to find exact same stuff as me, always asking what brands ans so on, now that was freaky! :))

  6. Your Bakelite egg yolk earrings are so pretty. I love your necklace too. :) I love the way you styled your hair during this day. Your hair suits your outfit perfectly. You're indeed an inspiration. :)