Saturday, 26 February 2011

Blah week, and a cure for droopy tulips!

So, this week has been pretty blah really. It didn't get off to the best start when I woke up earlier in the week to a text off my friend asking if I knew that there had been a severe earthquake in New Zealand (where my parents are currently on holiday). Cue heart palpatations and frantic switch on of news/internet to find out the details. I thankfully found out that they were nowhere near the quake zone.  They were due to be in Christchurch next week however, and the thought of that makes my blood run cold.
Its so awful what has happend over there, and many others were not so lucky.

I have also been really busy making a huge wholesale order - which has been quite stressful - and to top it off, Michaels car failed its MOT on thursday and has cost a lot of money and two full days to repair - boo :(. He had two days off work, which we were supposed to be out going to do something nice, but that didn't happen!
Anyway, to cheer me up today, Michael bought me a bunch of my favourite flowers, yellow tulips:
Yellow flowers are just really cheery, and remind me of spring. Tulips are obviously a spring flower, but they also remind me of when I live in Zwolle, Netherlands for 4 months as part of my University course. Happy flowers! And my handy tip to stop tulips drooping?...
Push pins horizontally through the neck of the stem, just below the head. Don't ask me how this works, it just does! A Dutch lady told me this when I was in Holland, and they should know what they are talking about!
You cant really see them, only if you get up close and it makes them last longer, stay upright and not droop :)


  1. Sorry you've had a tough week, lucky your parents hadn't got there yet eh?

    The car thing sucks, I know that feeling all too well :o(

    I have never heard that about tulips, thanks for the tip

    Hope you havea good weekend to make up for a crummy week!

  2. Ooh, thanks for the tip! Do you push them all the way through? Also, LOVE that vase!

  3. awww so sorry you had a bad week..atlest MOT's are done once a year..Buddy always stresses each year.the tulips are beautiful..thats the most cutest vase I ever seen.

  4. Fiona - Thanks! I hope next week will be much better :)
    Erin - Yes, you push them all the way through so they sit horizontally under the flower head.
    La Dama - Glad you like my vase, it was just 1€ from a tat shop in Portugal a few years ago!

  5. I'm glad your parents are alright. I love tulips and spending time in uni in Switzerland would be so wonderful! I love the vase, very unique!

  6. I am buying tulips tomorrow and they always droop so I will be trying out your tip! Glad that your parents are ok.