Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Carved Bakelite :D

Hooray! After months of looking for some reasonably priced carved bakelite, I managed to FINALLY get some in the last few weeks. I am constantly baffled by the price of Bakelite on Ebay and Etsy - some people are selling it for $20, some people want $300 plus for ONE bangle....er hello?? ITS PLASTIC!! The price range for the same thing - for example, a simple 1/4" butterscotch spacer bangle, can range from $18 to $60 FOR THE SAME THING! Argh! (I have put the prices in US $ by the way, as UK Bakelite sellers are usually antique stores selling it for a premium so I buy it mainly from the US)
Anyway, seek and ye shall find is my motto, and never stop until you get that bargain, as they are to be found! So anyway, here is what I got - All are genuine, tested pieces;

Dark Cherry 5/8" Carved - $17 (£10.50)

1/2" Butterscotch carved - $16 (£10)

And not carved, but a SUPER BARGAIN! 1" Egg Yolk, $9.00 (£5.50)

Very happy with my haul....got a couple more pieces coming too so will show you those when they arrive :)


  1. I like the butterscotch one best :-)

  2. yay for affordable bakelite! I agree, I don't see what these people are thinking. Yeah, it's old and unique and cool but it's not worth hundreds of dollars for a chunk of old plastic. My girlfriend tells me that there are some fine jewelers here in the US that sell bakelite for hundreds to thousands! I rummage through antique malls for mine and usually find them for $5 or less- not the pretty carved stuff of course. A friend of mine found a simple cream colored spacer for 25 cents at a resale shop once. I rub and sniff everything now! :)

  3. I do like Bakelite but I still don't have any, certainly not going to pay big bucks, and just can't be bothered to look, but I do love it and you have found some great bargains!

  4. Fabulous deals! Super jealous here!

  5. That carved black is just gorgeous! :)