Sunday, 13 February 2011

Exciting Holiday Plans....USA Road Trip!

Woo Hoo! I am very excited to tell you that this years holiday for Michael and I is a USA roadtrip!
Last time we went to the States was in 2008, when we went to Vegas for my best friends wedding.
I find the US facinating, its so different than here in the UK, and of course you have tons of cool vintage stuff that we don't here!
So.....where are we going?........
The No.1 choice (which I have wanted to do for ages) was a California road trip - driving from LA up to San Francisco on the Big Sur route, but its just too expensive! It was actually an alcohol and curry fueled conversation over the Christmas holidays with our friends Jo & Mark that gave us the idea for our more cost friendly destination, which is..........

There will be NO Mickey Mouse! Orlando is being given a big detour. Not that there is anything wrong with going to Disney and theme parks of course, but its really not our scene!
Instead, we will be driving through the beautiful Everglades...
Maybe seeing a few gators...but hopefully not this close up!
Seeing the Florida Keys
Visting the amazing Miami Beach, with its stunning array of over 800 original (eek!) Art Deco buildings. I am very very excited about going here! ♥♥ Deco!
And of course, I have been researching lots of these things for all our routes and stop offs. The US has HUGE thrift stores...Super exciting!!
We will be staying in a few of these...the retro-er the better!
And of course eating some diner food...
And some all you can eat buffets! Yum Yum!
My US readers will probably think being excited about going to a diner and an all you can eat buffet is a bit strange! Trust me, we don't have anything like this in the UK. We do have a few all you can eat buffets, but they are usually Chinese, and not a patch on yours!
Diners are also a major novelty factor as we don't really have them here, and not like yours anyway!
If anyone knows any "must see" things, or any "must visit" antique and thrift stores they can recommend, please do share!
We head off in May anyway. Not that I like to wish my life away, but can't wait! :))


  1. Wow, I am so jealous. This sounds like so much fun. Especially the food and thrifting! I agree that that part is so unique to the American experience and well worth getting excited about. I would love to do this but will probably have to wait til our littlun is a bit older.

  2. Exciting!! has every wacky roadside attraction you could ever hope to find. You can put your route in I believe and they will make you a list of things you can do on your trip! Ive used it, its super!

  3. My folks went on a driving holiday in the US and LOVED IT- have a great time!

  4. Jealous! The trip sounds amazing. Diners and retro motels are one of the reasons I'd love to go to States. With a lil one and 2 dogs at home --- I think I might be able to go when I retire :)

  5. My in-laws live in Boca Raton which is about 45 minutes north of Miami. There is an amazing antique mall in Fort Lauderdale (that moved from Boca) that has wonderful finds! You can find dishes, housewares, furniture, lamps, bakelite, all kinds of jewelry (even fine jewelry), accessories, purses, gloves, books, hats, shoes, etc. There is also a great diner in Deerfield Beach (2 minutes away from my in-law's condo) called Marlee's. The diner has been there since the 50s and it is still owned and operated by the same family. South Florida is so fun and I spent a week there during Thanksgiving! You are going to have a blast!

  6. Sounds like its going to be a great trip. I wouldn't go to disney either , isn't it a kiddie place?
    Can't wait til you go and update us with lots of pics!

  7. How exciting!! I went to St. Augustine, FL for my honeymoon and fell in love! I plan to move there one day. If I hear of any good thirft/vintage spots in FL, I'll let you know. I hope you have a blast here in the states! :)

  8. Ooooh I'm so excited for you! I'd love to go to Miami Beach one day and see the Art Deco.

  9. How exciting!! I LOVE American thrift stores - so big and cheap and such a huge range of stuff. We are going to the States in June and I can't wait. If you type US thrift stores into google there is a site with a huge list and you can filter by state and even by town/city. We used it when we were there two years ago and it was invaluable!

  10. Hi!
    An American gal here, from California. I thought I'd give you a couple thrifting tips for the U.S....there are a few national thrift store chains, Goodwill and Salvation Army (we call it "Sally Ann") are among them. Don't bother with Goodwill if you're looking for vintage, because Goodwill stores skim out the vintage (or at least they try) to sell on their website. Salvation Army is usually a better spot for vintage. The best, however, are the big independent shops, and shops affiliated with "helping hands for the blind" or some other very small charity. Shops affiliated with the American Cancer Society or the National Association of Jewish Women have really nice, high-end stuff with big prices to match!
    Hope this helps! Your trip sounds like a ton of fun! :)

  11. How fun! I haven't been there for a long time! The Art Deco hotels are gorgeous~

  12. Envy envy!

    In Finland it's btw quite common with all-you-can-eat-buffets, at least for lunch. Funny that it's not in the UK. Something I never thought about...

  13. I miss going to the US sooo much! We used to go yearly until I started my own business, ah well!

    I'm sure you will have so much fun. oh how I want to trawl US stores again. Look out for some yard sales people seems to find amazing stuff from them!

  14. I'm very envious too! I have always wanted to do a US road trip, it sounds like so much fun!

  15. how exciting!
    love road trips yes go to Salvation Army and small trift stores ..there is a bunch in Hollywood.
    make sure you stop at King Taco and Popeyes chicken if you like Louisiana style food...hole in the wall places have the best food in L.A.
    Mi Buddy loves the buffets in America ,like a kid in a candy store.

  16. You are doing the right thing on picking those places! Just like what we are doing every time we are on a road trip, we always go for scenic locations with a lot of wildlife activities as our way of relaxing after months of hard work.