Thursday, 3 February 2011


In general, I consider myself to be a pretty healthy person. I eat well (with some cake allowance!), exercise (just done 5 miles tonight), I don't smoke, and drink alcohol rarely. What I don't do, like the vast majority of people, is drink enough water.
A few days ago when rummaging in my local charity shop - unfortunately, no vintage goodies to be found on this trip - I picked up a book on diet and nutrition for 25p. (All the books are 25p - I know! They give them away!)
It is a new-ish book, only a few years old and its really informative about what things are best to eat for what benefits etc. One of the re-curring themes was the importance of drinking 2 litres (about 4 1/2 pints) of water a day. Now this is nothing new of course - you hear it all the time, but how many people actually do this EVERY day? Hmmm. Well, I decided that it was about time that I gave it a go, so since monday, I have been drinking more or less 2 litres of water each day.
My first impressions? Its hard! When you are only used to having a few cups of tea and maybe a glass or two of water each day, drinking this much feels weird!
Obviously, the side effect of this is you need to go to the loo very frequently! This is not a problem for me as I work from home, but I can't imagine how you would go on doing this 2L water glugging if you for example, had a driving job, or worked in a busy shop or office! Maybe its just because I'm not used to it yet.
I'm going to see how I get on for the next two weeks.....


  1. I have this habbit from my teen years :) THe first thing that I do in the mornings over 10 years -I drink a pint of warm water :) When I moved to UK I started to drink lot of green tea cause the water here is awful :) But I bought a filter ant it solved my problems, I can drink a pure water [warm or cold] as well :) I just forget to drink/don't have time if I have really busy day in my job or have deals in town, then I'm tryin to that at home...I usually drink more then 2 l. per day, sometimes about 4 :)

  2. I don't do this enough either but a few years ago Paul & I quit drinking coffee - which caused headaches like hell on earth for days - and started drinking lots of water, it was hard, lots of loo visits, BUT after a couple of weeks everyone was saying how good we looked and how sparkly our eyes were and they didn't know what we were doing. Mmmm why didn't we keep it up?!

  3. I'm terrible not drinking water. I really should drink more. I find myself somedays almost dehydrated. That's bad!

  4. I almost never drink as much as 2 l per day and I actually think it's really important to drink that much only when it's hot weather. But in general I still drink too little, when I come home from work and notice I've only been drinking coffee the whole day (except for that compulsory big glass of room temperatured water I drink every morning) I sometimes get quite a headache. Fortunately I've at least reduced my coffee drinking...

  5. I'm very guilty too of not drinking enough water or enough of anything actually. I often only have two or three drinks all day, I know, I know very bad. I have tried the 2L thing but the frequent loo visits and actually feeling sick from drinking so much made me give up.
    I have recently uped my intake of liquid throughout the day, though it has included more tea and diet coke (bad girl)
    I just don't like water, so my compromise is trying to drink more weak squash.

  6. GinCherry - I am impressed! Up to 4L somedays? wow! Yes, the book does say room temp/slightly warm is better but, yuk! I have been drinking green tea too though :)

    Straight Talking Mama - Thats good to know! Well, Im hoping that I will notice a difference after a few weeks!

    Mrs M - Thats exactly how I was feeling! When you are busy, you almost sort of 'forget' to drink!

    Ina - I stopped drinking coffee in excess a few years ago as it was giving me headaches too.

  7. I used to drink at least 8 glasses a day but after having 2 kids I have a fierce caffeine habit that Ive been trying to curb. Ive always heard to drink really cold water because your body actually burns a few calories when it has to warm up the water to use it. Good luck keeping up with it! Eventually youll get used to it and feel great!

  8. Miss Magpie - Thats just what I was doing - sometimes only 3 drinks a day! oops!

    Atomic Mama - Ah thats good. Room temp/warm water tastes vile!! ;)

  9. Dolly, I sometimes think that I'm drinking my husbands 'portion' of water as well :D Cause he drinks too less water [well to be true, he's not drinking water at all, only few cups of black tea or juice per day] :) The warm water is not so bad, you just need used to it :) I remember when I started to drink warm water it also was 'yuk' for me, but now it's better than tea :) So just have some patience and you'll see that you couldn't live without water :)

  10. I seem to wake up every morning horribly de-hydrated so the first thing I do when I get up is drink a HUGE cup (actually it's a big Japanese tea bowl) of green chai tea. It has become like my coffee in the morning! I'm not a big drinks person, I have always hated fizzy drinks and am not a huge fan of juices so I pretty much only drink my green tea, coffee, water and the occasional glass of whiskey! I think the best way to make sure you are drinking enough is to always carry a drink bottle with you and sip on it over the course of the day.
    Great post by the way!

  11. I love drinking water!
    Instead of making yourself get up to have a compulsory glass of water every hour or so, try keeping a glass or bottle near you all the time and you'll find you drink it out of habit more than anything.

    It's sort of the reverse to having a packet of chips nearby. If you take some and put them in a bowl it's much more effort to get more than if you have the pack sitting next to you and you can mindlessly munch away.

  12. Haha, well. Since I'm now pregnant - I'm supposed to drink AT LEAST two litres of water.. That's just impossible! I already run to the loo every 15 minutes :S But - I think that since I drink a lot of green tea - that would be the same, don't you think?
    Anyway - just drinking more water than usual - is better than nothing!