Friday, 18 February 2011

The Joy of Spex!

I have been wearing glasses now for about 11 years (for distance) - so everytime I'm out and about, driving etc. they are glued to my face or I'm pretty much blind as a bat!
Whilst some people hate wearing glasses and save up for laser surgery, I totally love wearing mine and have always had a few pairs on the go to match different outfits. A few years ago, I discovered that you can get lenses put into any frames by online opticians (I always use I Need Spex in the UK). They charge just £15 ($24) to put your prescription in any frames, even sunglasses too, and they always come back perfect and within a few days of sending them off.
This week, I treated myself to a new pair of Cats Eye sunglasses for my forthcoming road trip holiday.
They were - of course - a bargain, at only £5.99 from high street chain, H&M:
I'm going to get prescription lenses put in these.
And so, as I was doing this post I thought Id share with you my other pairs of spex!

Original Tortoiseshell 50s Cats Eyes from Dead Mens Spex. I've had these a few years but I think they were about £30 ($50) for the frames.
Original 50s Cats Eyes - 25p ($0.40) from a charity shop (Amazing bargain!)
My Favourite glasses ♥ and the ones I wear most, Vivienne Westwood. I've had these about 4 years and I think the frames were about £40 ($65) on sale.
Red with black and red polka dot arms. These were cheap reading glasses that I picked up in a gift shop somewhere for about £8 ($13). An absolute steal at £23 (with the £15 lens service) for a funky pair of prescription glasses!
 I also used to have a black and white polka dot pair from the same place that I wore to death, but I sat on them and broke the frame :(
And my current sunnies - Original 50s 'Liberty, NYC' Cats Eyes, again from Dead Mens Spex.  I think they were about £25 ($40) for the frames
So thats my expanding glasses selection! Have a nice weekend :)


  1. I love glasses too but don't need them, well as I'm getting a little older I think I'll need reading ones. There are some very cool glasses out there and some really good vintage sellers of eyewear!

  2. Oh wow. I had no idea you could do that!

    I've been putting off going for an eye test as I know my prescription has changed again, mostly because I can't see properly out of my specs anymore!! I really can't afford to get new ones but this sounds perfect! I've always wanted to get some leopard print ones.....
    Thank you so much for the tip :-)

  3. I once really peeved my (glasses wearing) sis because we went into the opticians, I tried on a few pairs for a joke as soon as I walked in and they looked cool. She hissed 'DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRAMES?' Then spent 3 hours (I kind you not) comparing 2 pairs, before buying both. I suited a toned-down cats eye in a blue-grey frame which (sis grumpily pointed out) can be sourced modern or vintage and are usually pretty reasonable.

    Bah! And would you believe it- I struggle with hearing but I got my eyes tested and they were fine. But I've never seen a cool hearing aid!

  4. I am a total SUCKER for vintage eyewear! I love the Liberty Sunglasses and 50s original cat eyes you got for 25p! Too cute!

    I have a black acetate cat eye pair from the 50s and a 50s clear acetate and gold metal pair. Both have been fitted with my prescription. I also have a pair of 50s American optical cat eye sunglasses that are brown pearl outlined in yellow. I am near-sighted as well and a couple of years ago, I also developed astigmatism. Joy. Oh well! Despite our "blind as a bat" eyeballs, we will look smashing in our vintage specs!

  5. love them!I only need reading glasses but I'm quite fond of mind

  6. I love specs too and have to wear them for distance like yourself. They are now so much an essential part of me I feel nude without them. I attempted to wear contact lenses for a while, but just couldn't get on with them. All my glasses are really OTT to take people's attention away from less "perfect" areas of my person!!
    I have them in purple... orange and red (wearing now), mottled red and more and more!

  7. What a fabulous specs collection you have! I need glasses, worn them part time for most of my life and really need to wear them all the time now. I've been battling with contact lenses lately as I hate wearing my glasses. Planning on getting some vintage specs that I actually like and will wear v soon, so this post is an inspiration and full of useful tips! Must admit I'm stalling as although I've found lots of fabulous frames online, I'm worried they might not suit me!

  8. I've got glasses for when my migraines leave me with with distorted vision - only thing is I think my eyes have changed as I can see the windowsills on houses three miles away but closer up everything is blurred. Also I can't stand the frames, small boxy things that I find completely distracting - guess I need to go to the opticians again. Never thought of using vintage frames, what a great idea.

  9. What an awesome collection, pair number three is my favourite! I lost my beloved sunglasses from last summer, now I need to get a new pair... The sun has already start to shine in the way that you need sunglasses, now when the darkest months are behind us.

  10. I love them all..especially the spoty ones..and I dont need glasses ,but I do love collecting all kinds.