Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ooh Matron!

Firstly - a big thank you for all your nice comments, tips and suggestions for my forthcoming Florida road trip, much appreciated and I will be looking into all those links! :)
So, you know how much I like a bargain, right? Well, when I went on todays post run, I stopped by my favourite local charity shop and managed to pick myself up a lovely, brand new with tags still on it Original Penguin shirt dress for just £3! US label Original Penguin was founded in 1955 and is still going today, famous for its retro stying and good quality.
Its hard to believe that someone bought this, and never wore it! Especially as it would have cost them around £65 ($100)!! Its a lovely quality navy cotton with white piping all the way round, with a self fabric belt to the waist:

And a close up.
And the title of my blog post...Ooh Matron!?? Because it reminds me of a British National Health Service Matron's uniform!:
UK NHS Matron
And of course the Iconic British bawdy Carry On.. film classic; Carry on Matron starring Hattie Jacques as Matron!
Cant wait to wear this when the weather gets better. Think I'll pair it with a red belt, red shoes and my red anchor brooch for a nautical, rather than clinical, look!! ;)


  1. Wow you lucky thing, the shopping fairies were smiling on you today!

    You know sometimes you can go right of a person ;-P

  2. I really like the white pipping, it reminds me bowling shirts :) What a lucky thing you are :)

  3. Another fantastic find. Will look lovely accessorised as you described in any season

  4. Cute dress but you're right it does look little bit like matron uniform (work, ewww). I'm sure you'll doll this up with rocking accessories.

  5. Cute dress! I think red accessories would make that dress pop!

  6. what a tresure, yes red accesories will make the dress stand out even more. love Charity shopping.

  7. What a great find (once again, you really know how to make them)!

  8. you do so well on picking up bargains don't you? Fab find!

  9. You have got to be the most lucky charity shopper i know!

    you are like my boyfriend... you have a really good eye for a bargain!

    I dont have the patience, although i am learing!

    Check out my blog for my car bootie, charity shop finds in Nottingham!