Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ugly Shoes and Beautiful Bakelite

At the weekend, I bought myself some new, albeit ugly shoes for summer and holiday. Not that I will be able to wear them for months, mind as it was snowing where I live yesterday, but they were too much of a good deal to pass up. They are Clarks sandals - which those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I love as they are very well made, super soft leather and most importantly COMFY! They are also quite expensive and usually favoured by old ladies for their orthapedic wonder!
The older I get, the more comfortable shoes are important to me. Having hobbled home many a time in my youth with huge blisters, bleeding feet etc. from high heels and shoes that rub, I just cant be bothered with all that anymore. I'm a walker - especially on holiday, we never lie around and do nothing - we are always on the go, walking about, seeing this, seeing that - and I'd rather walk a mile in town to work up an appetite then get a taxi so I'd much rather wear something comfortable so I don't have to worry about my feet!
Here they are;
They are a nice bright cherry red - even if they are a bit 'Granny'!

These retail normally for £44.99 ($72) but I got them for just £10 ($16) from a shop that sells end of line, and last seasons Clarks stock. (United Footwear on Oldham Street in Manchester if anyone is local!)
And now for the Beautiful Bakelite....
This came today in the post. I bought it off Etsy for just $12 (£7). The seller had just listed in that day so I snapped it up as $12 for a red bangle is a super bargain. Red ones are always more expensive than the other colours - I presume they must be rarer! Which is a bit of a bummer really as red is my favourite colour that I wear all the time.
And a close up to show the lovely very slight yellow marbling throughout the bangle.


  1. Not so ugly with your pretty feet in them! cool Bakelite.

  2. I love the sandals though maybe that says something about me? lol

    Fab bangle too!

  3. oh tell me about it, I am now starting to sell off my vintage heels as I rarely wear them! However I am keeping some, I'm also a lover of comfy as I get older, I don't walk as much as you but OH has to depend on my balance sometimes & if I'm in impractical shoes that could go horribly wrong ;o)

    Anyway, I'm still at the vintage wedge stage but no doubt comfy shoes will happen before I know it!

  4. Clarks and Hushs Puppies shoes aren't the prettiest but oh-so comfy. My work shoes make me wanna hurl every time I put them on (they are really that ugly) but when I'm on my feet all night, my feet don't complain in the morning. But you got yourself a bargain and actually those are quit pretty sandals!

  5. The sandals look so much better with your pretty tatooed and painted feet in them :)

  6. I agree with the thing on shoes. One really needs a pair like that more than any other shoes. And those were not that bad, nice colour and your tattoos make them rock a little more!

  7. Like you killer heels have lost their appeal. Give me a pair of comfy shoes anyday and Clarks is an excellent make. They are't ugly at all- be worth their weight in gold this summer.

  8. I actually like your shoes. They're cute.
    Would have been great for the long walk between the beach bar and Pineda, last yer. :D

    Love the bangle.