Thursday, 10 February 2011

Vintage Costume Jewellery - Lucite Confetti

I really love vintage costume jewellery - its affordable, looks nice and you know you wont see every other person wearing the same thing.
I also think that it wears well with modern outfits - as I'm definitely more of a repro gal than a vintage wearing one. I love vintage clothing, but often not the fabrics, patterns & prints. And the ones that I do like, such as genuine 50's sun dresses and hawaiians,  I can't afford anyway! Ho hum!
Being now officially hooked on Bakelite, I also have bought some other bits and pieces of other types of vintage costume jewellery from Etsy that I have been waiting for to arrive.
Today I got a delivery of two pairs of earrings I bought (from the US), two weeks apart, but they both arrived today. Both 50s Lucite they are...
My faves - Black with silver glitter sprinkles. ♥♥  $5
And some orange with gold half moon glitter sprinkles $4
And they are both screw backs which is perfect for my silly sensitive ears!
The seller of the black earrings also had a matching clamper bracelet - that was hers, not for sale - boo! I'd rather like one of those to this space!


  1. Hi Clare! i've just been checking out your website and love your jewelry, particularly the large necklaces and plan to keep them in mind for birthday and christmas gifts for friends this year.
    I do want to know however, have you or would you make some kitschy christmas jewelry? I always want to wear over the top jewelry and hair accessories at christmas time but find it hard to come across things that match my taste.

  2. These are so lovely! I'm now following you and if you like my blog please do follow me as well!

    Keep in touch // Swedish Fashionista

  3. I got a lucite brooch the other day off ebay.

    I love costume jewelry, I have more than one 'style' and find I can mix-and-match between them thanks to bakalite, lucite and so forth!

  4. cute!! I love these confetti earrings too. I have a yellow and blue pair that almost match each other. I've been mad for novelty celluloid brooches lately too!!

  5. those are a dream come true..I hardly order from U.S. the vat charges are a pain.I order and get it mail to my family home in Cali.

  6. I love confetti lucite a LOT! I very much love those top earrings, I have a bag that would look great with them he he!

  7. Cherry - Thanks, glad you like Dolly Cool! I don't make anything specifically Christmassy as such, but I am always happy to do custom pieces so just get in touch when you want something and I'll see what I can do :))
    La Dama - You only have to pay customs on items over the value of £18 ($30 ish) so cheap costume jewellery is ok! :))

  8. love the earrings!I have a pair like the top ones you showed =)
    I love vintage costume jewelry and lucite confetti is too fun!

  9. Cute, cute, cute! Especially the orangey pair! The almost look amber! I saw a confetti lucite compact on Etsy recently. I was pretty! I have been into bakelite as of late. Maybe I 'need' to start collecting confetti lucite too! lol!

  10. So funny! We got the same taste in almost everything.
    I managed to snag a stunning set of Coro confetti (earrings, bracelet and necklace) for almost nothing not so long ago, mint condition.
    It's in my blog today, you'll love it.

  11. wow..what a great collection...
    love the design
    Those pieces of art that are absolutely stunning!

  12. Love the blog!
    I write a jewelry blog as well, and your articles are so informative.
    Thanks for great writing and great photos.

  13. I look forward to visiting your blog again. Thank you for sharing with us!