Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Barkcloth creations!

I was busy with the sewing machine today and made a few things with the 50's barkcloth curtian panel that I got last week from Southport;
So first was to make new cushion covers for the sofa in the front room...
And how they look in our front room...
You can also see the other 50s barkcloth cushion - which was a b'day pressie off Michael, on the egg chair in the window :))
I used pretty much all the fabric making the two cushion covers, and all that was left was the two strips at the top that were for the curtain runners...
Being super thrifty and resourseful, I unpicked the fabric from the runner and was left with two long strips which I have now turned into hairties!
Ta Da!


  1. Love the cushions and the hairties are just brilliant!

  2. Cushions look great but what a fab idea making a hairtie with a scrap of fabric, I may have to steal that idea from you at some point if that's ok ;o)

  3. I adore barkcloth. Those cushions look amazing.

  4. You creative genius,love barkcloth, have not seen any here so far.
    those cushions are so cool, I love thick headbands.

  5. I love all the creations you made from that lovely barkcloth! The print and colors on the fabric are awesome! The cushions look fantastic and I love the hairtie!

  6. That's looking really good! You're a genius!