Thursday, 24 March 2011

Birthday Seaside trip!

Yesterday was my birthday, so as the weather was so nice, Michael and I decided that we would go to the seaside for the day!
We got the train to our nearest seaside town, Southport, which is on the North West coast of the UK and had a really lovely day walking along the promenade, looking round the shops and enjoying the sunshine.
Here are some photos from our day....
Southport in its heyday! I found this huge black and white photo on a wall in the supermarket!
The majority of the buildings still exist however, so although the shopfronts are different, if you look upwards, some of the architecture is really stunning...
Such as these fabulous Art Deco windows on the old theatre (now a bingo hall)
We had a walk in the gardens near the seafront. Painted a very cool retro turquoise and white!
And me next to one of the fancy bench/shelters. I'm wearing my bargainous Original Penguin "ooh Matron" dress (£3 from charity shop), red blazer (50p from car boot) , revamped 60's bag (50p, charity shop) and red bow front Blowfish shoes (£10 in the sale).
Cool old sign on the start of the pier
The beautiful Wayfarers Arcade....built in 1898
And one of the lovely old fashioned sweet shops in the arcade
Do you know what this is? Its a google map of all the Charity Shops in Southport - told you I was dedicated! ha! 15 in total - and we went in all of them! I only actually got a couple of things, but they are good ones.....
50s barkcloth curtain - £4. This is in mint condition and is pretty big! Its perfect colours for our front room, so I'm going to make cushion covers with it for our sofa :))
Vintage polka dot bangle. Sadly not Bakelike (I wish!) but is an old one nonetheless, as the spots are inlaid - rather than painted on like modern bangles. Its nice and heavy too, and was just £1!
On the way back to the train station, we spotted this new 50s style diner that had only just opened.....
And the inside...
I will definitely be going in here next visit! We dont have any American diners 'up North' so was really excited to see this :))


  1. I just adore the outfit you wore. My mother-in-law would love you as she is a great one for finding bargains...though I have to say that she drives some of the market stall holders up the wall with her bargaining methods!

    Nice to see these pics showing areas of the UK that I have never seen. My dear old Mum is in Essex and I have to say that most of the interesting old buildings in her (seaside) area seem to have been swept away in favour of hideous concrete substitutes for the main part...

  2. for a Happy Birthday too!

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fab one, nice day out, bargain hunting and pretty architecture, sounds like my idea day!

  4. Tee hee the ironic thing is I last visited Southport last Aug bank hol... and got soaked and frozen! I was in hat, coat, brolly the lot.

    Ah the UK weather!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I never thought google mapping charity shops. I even might find some new ones in my area.
    The diner looks awesome.

  6. I love Southport. Such a beautiful little Victorian seaside town. The Wayfarers Arcade makes you feel like you've stepped back in time. Must try that diner next time I'm there

  7. Looks lovely, hope you had a great birthday! The last time we went was with my family in my teens to go on shoddy rides at Funland.

    I'm definitely going to start mapping charity shops, it's a great idea! I love that curtain too. There's a 50s style diner in Liverpool but it's not very good, the only thing I could eat was chips.

  8. I'm glad you had such a great birthday. It was a lovely day weatherwise yesterday wasn't it?

    I don't know what I love more the art deco windows or the polka dot bangle!

  9. Thanks for your comments & birthday wishes ladies! :))
    Google maps is awesome for charity shop finding - Belive I will be doing that for every stop off on holiday! ;)