Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fantastic Plastic! Lastest charity shop finds

I'm pleased to report that this week is going much better than last week, and the upturn in the British weather has definitely had an impact! It may still only be 10 degrees C during the day here, but we have been having bright, glorious sunshine all week, and if I sit in the egg chair in the front window in the sun it *almost* feels summery!
On Monday, Michael and I went Charity shopping and it always cheers me up no end to get;
a) vintage goodies
b) for next to nothing!

I only got a couple of things, spending the grand total of £1.20, so both boxes ticked! This is what I found;
60s chip and dip tray, in my favourite homeware shade of lurid orange! All the compartments are seperate so it stacks away neatly. It matches our 60s table perfectly and was mine for the bargain price of 30p the lot!
Underside of the trays - made by UK maufacturer, Dialene Better-Maid. It made me laugh when I bought them as the little old lady in the shop (who was very well spoken)  said "ooh are these for your Hors d'œuvres dear?". Funny, as such a posh term, for bright orange 30p chip n' dip trays!
I also picked up this necklace from a different charity shop;
60s necklace - 80p. The beads are actually glass and it has a nice weight to it.
And a close up. It was a little grubby when I bought it, so as I always do with my charity jewellery buys, I soaked it in some warm water with Stardrops* in it for a few hours, then gently scrubbed with an old toothbrush and it came up gleaming white.
*Stardrops is an 'all purpose' cleaner that has been around in the UK since the war! Its only about £1 a bottle, which lasts for ever and you can use it for anything! Highly recommended :)


  1. You're full of great tips at the moment, Stardrops I haven't seen that for YEARS, I didn't even know they still made it!

    Great finds too!

    Glad you're on an upturn, I must admit the sun shining helps a bit doesn't it?

  2. Ha ha- maybe I should post some recipes for hors d'œuvres from my chairty shop cookbooks. I have one with gourmet throughout, then picking fine wines (with a vintage guide) and finally...because it was for rich folk...a page called HORS D'OUVRE FROM YOUR MICROWAVE.

  3. awesome plastics..I can see me filling up that tray with all kinds of salsa and chips.adore the 60's necklace..great steals..never heard of Stardrops looks cute though.

  4. Ah Stardrops! My Nana always used to have some in her cupboard under the sink! You will have to let me know where you go charity shopping - so cheap!!

  5. Stardrops rules! My sister swears by it, and bought me a bottle as a 'moving in' present (7 years ago) - its still going strong!
    Swirly Lynsey - Its Chorley Old Rd in Bolton. Loads of Hospice shops = tons of vintage & super cheap :))

  6. Great finds!It always feels like heaven to find something amazing and pay almost nothing!

  7. Great finds! As usual I might add.

    I got two necklaces that's very much like yours that I found in Sweden. I guess we're bling twins. :D

    I use Fairy antibacterial washing up liquid and I always use a Non Scratch Scourer, you know the ones from ASDA that's aqua green and white.
    For wicker things, and bling, as you said, a toothbrush is king.

    Are you doing Birmingham?

  8. Cute necklace! That is great that the beads are glass! I bet that necklace will look amazing with so many outfits, especially for summer!