Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My weekend at Bedlam Breakout

Hello! I am back from my show at Bedlam Breakout Psychobilly weekender. I actually got back late afternoon on Sunday, but have been so tired that I haven't really done a great deal since getting home!
All in all, I had a good time - BUT it was a lot of hassle - and I didn't make enough profit really for the effort it took.

So firstly, the bad; Travelling to shows on public transport with suitcase, rucksack and table in tow in never a particularly 'fun' experience, but I didn't want to drive this time. I kind of wish I had now, as the journey home took 6 hours (with having to get the coach, as the trains were on strike). I also don't sleep well when I am away from home, so was super tired on top of this, and I ate quite a lot of crap over the weekend, due to convenience, and not really being able to get anything else, which again does not really agree with me as I eat really healthily the majority of the time. I know with shows though, thats just the way it is.
Right, thats the moan out of the way!

On to the good: It was really well organised. We had a booth that was away from the bands, and upstairs with other stalls on a mezzanine level and the other stallholders were really nice and we had a good laugh with them over the weekend. The bands were also really good. I especially liked The Black Kat Boppers, who I had not seen before, Voodoo Bones (who played at Kustom Kristmas), and of course - Guana Batz (who headlined on Saturday night and were pretty amazing!).
The people who came and bought from me were also really nice and friendly, and thats the part of shows that I always enjoy. Its always nice to get some feedback from customers and see what items are popular. Its also nice to know that Dolly Cool is becoming more well known, as people were recognising the brand, and saying that they had seen my website/had bought off me before etc. Yay! :)
Here are a few photos from the weekend.....
My Stall. Quiet and reserved looking as always! Was great to have a wall - made full use of that by sticking everything known to man to it using gaffa tape (which, is the single best thing you can ever take to a show with you by the way!)

And Nicola's Stall - More Brains, Vicar? Nicola makes really cool clay sculpted jewellery of zombie things, bones, brains etc. Was especially loving the hand made tombstone display boards!
General view of the bar during Saturday day taken from the balcony we were on
Drummer with Voodoo Bones, Vick, wearing Dolly Cool cherry earrings and 'fakelite' cherry chain necklace, which she bought off me at Kustom Kristmas :))
The fantastic Guana Batz! Nicola and I did a 3 song tag team for this, as we both really wantedto see them but couldn't leave the stall unattended! Excuse crappy photo. I was right at the back, so had to zoom and it was really dark and smokey in there!
And the obligitory chips and mayo supper on the way back to the hotel at silly o clock in the morning!
I was also so tired that on Saturday night, I dropped my phone down the (clean!!) toliet, oops. I am pleased to report that after taking it apart and drying it out - it works absolutely fine! Hooray!
Hmmm bet if I had an expensive iphone or Blackberry it would not have fayred so well!!


  1. Lucky you !!! Pip hancok, this guy became so hot with age !!!

  2. Guana Batz... makes me jealous :)

  3. Sounds great!! Apart from the public transport thing, that's a dilemma I often have: road hell or heavy baggage...

  4. Looks like you had a good time, shame it wasn't as profitable as you'd hoped!

    And I know exactly what you mean about tiredness and eating crap, neither can be avoided sadly!

  5. Looks like a great weekend! Setting up stalls at events is always such hard work... I couldn't imagine then lugging everything around on public transport for 6 hours! Very impressive.

  6. Despite the fact the set up was a bit of a hassle and the trip was long, it looks like you had fun! Again, I wish the DC area had events like this!

    My sister used to make and sell her own line of purse and bags and I often went with her to exhibitions and craft shows. I helped her set up, make sales, and chat with people. At the end of the night, it was packing everything away in bins, taking down the displays, and packing up the car only to get home LATE! It was hard work, but heaps of fun. I remember one event was in a posh part of DC and the crowd was very chic and rich! Chanel and Fendi-clad women were everywhere! But as the wine and appetizers made their way around, my sister and I spotted several ladies becoming very 'pissed drunk' and being loud. In the beginning, they were all quite austere and pulled together but as the night progressed, the party girls emerged! lol!

  7. Thanks Ladies!
    Tara - ha! so true! You get the real characters coming talking to you at the end of the night, they are swaying like mad and talking utter rubbish! hilarious!

  8. Your stall looks awesome as always. Getting it all on public transport is heroic.

  9. Such great fun and beautiful goodies.
    your stall looks gorgeous.