Thursday, 24 March 2011


So, I thought I'd do a post about some of my lovely birthday presents that I got yesterday :))
Ticket to see Brian Setzer in July....(Beyond excited!), from Michael
50s barkcloth cushion, from Michael
Cupcake print apron, spotty bangles & silver bird earrings from Michael's brother & girlfriend
Gingham napkins with cute food print & Florida guidebook from my friend, Emma
Moomin Cereal bowl, from Michael's mum
Dollars! From my parents & sister for hols :))
Nice make-up from my best pal, Alison
Fab retro vase & tulips from my friend Jo
And Happy Birthday to me, from me! I saw someone wearing a pair of these Spotty Dr Martens at Bedlam Breakout and was like - argh! I really want those! They are limited edition and £120 (EEK!!!) on the Dr Marten website, but of course...I didn't pay that! I got mine from Ebay, from a shop in London who were selling them at half price as they were the last pair (and luckily in my size, hooray!) I got them for £60. Still pretty pricey (for me!) but I know I will wear them to death and get my moneys worth for sure! :)


  1. Happy birthday! The Dr Martens are fantastic!

  2. Fantastic presents, especially the first one!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you!
    Fab presents.
    Kaye x

  4. Such cute things! I adore the Moomin bowl, birdy earrings, tulips...just lots of lovely thing for a lovely lady! Oh yes. ;)

  5. Wow lots of lovely presents, you lucky girl!

  6. Can't beat a pair of DMs, so comfy, they go with EVERYTHING. I bought myself some as a wedding pressie, so glad when seeing the sights on honeymoon- ne'r a blister, more than my husband can say with his fancy new shoes.

  7. I love the moomin bowl. What fab pressies. Love the boots too, it's your birthday so it's allowed and half price? what could be better?