Sunday, 20 March 2011

Radio Silence, Dolly does Derby and Miss Fortune!

Hello! Firstly, apologies for the Radio Silence this week...

A while ago when I was booking my shows I just signed up for loads of things, and then realised more recently that they were all one weekend after the next for five weeks in a row! :s!
I am also super busy with a ton of Design work for Too Fast, and I have my web orders, and stock for shows to make alongside, so I'm currently on 14 hour days at the moment - starting around 9am and working right through until around 11pm-Midnight to fit it all in!! I am really tired, but am not complaining at all as you have to make hay while the sun shines, don't you?!
This unfortunetley does not leave much time for charity/thrift shopping, but I'm hoping to do some next week :)
So...last week was Bedlam Breakout, this week was the Roller Derby! Local one this time, my home team Manchester Rainy City Roller Girls (Yes, it does rain a lot in Manchester, hence the well appointed name!) vs Dublin Roller Girls and Lincolnshire Bombers.
I had a great time as usual - its always fun to do the Derby, and having a stall means you always get a ringside seat! Here is the view from my pitch;
Manchester won by miles - yay! Go home team! :))
And this is what I wore....
Lots of Dolly Cool stuff - obviously! (Self promotion and all that!) Cherry Earrings, 3D Love necklace and one of my Cherry print hair ties. And one of my fave tops - which is a short sleeved jumper from Miss Fortune.
This cute little jumper is great for shows ( I wore it on Friday last week at Bedlam too), as most places I trade such as sports halls, bars and night clubs all have air con - great if you are skating/at a gig/dancing but not so great if you are stood still behind your pitch! Brrrrr!
This is a better view of what the jumper looks like;
'Scarlett' top by Miss Fortune, £28.00
I like this top so much that I have this week also bought myself the same top, but the Nautical version;
'Nautical Nancy' short sleeeved jumper, £28.00
Miss Fortune is a UK independent label, designed by one girl, Laura, who runs everything herself. When she was starting out, she used to make it all herself, and now things have grown her products are manufactured. She still, however, gets everything made in the UK which is why I'm a fan.  In the sea of mega mass production (Primark, Asda etc.) I feel like its really important to support fellow UK designers and  UK manufacture...and Miss Fortune's stuff is really cool too - win all round!


  1. For a long time I've thought about getting one of those blouses, but haven't got it done yet...

  2. Nice sweaters! you sound busy good luck with it all!

  3. thats a cool radio.
    I have that sweater, I only wore it once forgot I had it. I love Miss Fortune, she always have some cute stuff but too expensive for my boot sale self.
    good luck with everything doll!

  4. That is an amazing radio, Clare!! Those Miss Fortune sweaters are very, very fun and cute! I also adore Rocket Originals sweaters too. I am always on their site, pining over the shoes and clothes!

    Your look is very pretty! I like the hair tie! Great look as always!

  5. I have the sweater with the polkadots and I love it :)

  6. Just discovered this blog via polyvore ... via pinterest! :D