Monday, 28 March 2011

Rockabilly All dayer, A Rant, More Pressies & Purchases!

1. Rockabilly All Dayer
This weekend was show number 3 of 5 in a row - The Rhythm & Booze Rockabily All Dayer in Birmingham. I had a good time, sold some of my wares and had a good chat with my stall buddy, Rascal, and my friends Kate and Nicola who came up for the event.
Rascal & I behind Rascal's stall - Totally tropical! (The stall and us!)
The fantastic Domestic Bumblebees. All the bands were pretty good actually!
2. A Rant
Yet again, food was a problem at the event. Last time I did the event, there was no food - so I was hungry! This time, it was advertised that there was food - great I thought, so I just brought lunch. The food turned out to be chicken curry and rice. That was it. No other choice. GREAT for people who don't eat not.
Having been a non meat eater for 18 years, I'm pretty used to this kind of thing, but it still annoys the hell out of me. I mean, its 2011, and no vegetarian option? I'm not even a fussy eater - I would have been happy with some chips - but no. Chicken curry and rice or nothing!
Venues hosting events really need to get their acts together! Its either no food (like at Bedlam) or no vegeratian food (like at last years' Kustom Kulture Blast Off, and Birmingham). Its not even just the non meat eaters who have a problem, Kate said the curry looked revolting - like school dinners/dog food so she didn't want it either! At the end of the day, its the venue that loses out too as they miss out on food sales!!
Kate and I were that hungry that we shared a plate of rice;
Mmmm overcooked, mushy, plain rice. Delicious! Hmmmmmpf. Rant over!
3. More Pressies
I was also lucky to get some more cool pressies at the weekend;
Supercute tiki print shopper bag and
Vintage curtains, both from Rascal. I'm going to make these into cushion covers, or maybe use them as curtains in the spare room
Cool leopard print straw clutch embellihed with orchids and a hand made wood-burned heart plaque, made for me by Kate. Kate makes these awsome wood-burned hearts as jewellery and art for her label, Clumsy.
Moomin make up bag! Michael bought me this when he went to an art gallery over the weekend as he knows how much I love The Moomins! ♥♥
 4. Purchases!
I also bought a few bits this weekend....
Hawaiian shirt and

High waisted denim pencil skirt, Both from Lady K Loves. Lady K stuff always fits me so well :)
Repro 50s style tropical print dress from Idaho Red Vintage.
And a close up of the print. All are coming to Florida! :)


  1. oooh cool stuff you bought! grrrr re the food, I hate that! I have learnt now and always take at least some snacks, fruit, cereal bars and low fat crisps, the latter 2 not being particularly healthy but they fill the gap don't they? Food at events is always a nightmare you don't eat for hours and then end up overeating. I have an event this weekend and WW will just be out of the window for it, back on track on Monday though!

  2. Ugh. How disappointing- I can't bear lack of food. It makes me super grumpy and ruins any trip out.

  3. I love that shirt, it's fabulous!

    I know what you mean about the food - except in some cases it's even more difficult for me, as even where there's a vegetarian option, there's very rarely a vegan one. This is the case with restaurants and bars too!

    The last terrible thing I went to for food was Hemsby, the only vegan/vegetarian option was a plate of plain chips, even the instant gravy had meat in it, so I had beans on dry toast from a café for breakfast, cold chips for lunch and greasy Chinese from the local takeaway for dinner for the whole weekend.

  4. That dress is so pretty :) We are taking my sister and her boyfriend to France with us soon and eating out over there will be a nightmare as they are both veggie. One of the places we eat at doesn't have a vegetarian option at all so that is out this trip and even Disneyland doesn't have much in the way of veggie food :(

  5. LOVE the look on you gals! I really like that denim skirt!!

    What a shame there was such dismal food! I was a vegetarian for almost 15 years and in the last two years, I eat small amount of fish. I refuse, however, to eat anything "land animal!" No fur or feathers!

    Anyway, I went to a friend's wedding in 2004 and the food was, get this, BBQ. YUCK! Everything was meat based! There was potato salad and that was all I had all day! And to make matters worse, it wasn't even that good! lol!

    I once did a show with my sister (she used to make and sell her own line of purses and bags) and the food was just appetizers and cocktails. Everything was made with chicken, beef, or pork! I had a few bits of raw veggies from a crudite platter and by time she and I got home (after midnight), I was starving! I ended up making lentils at 1 am! lol!

    Nevertheless, I love that curtain fabric and leopard bag! Cute! I hope you were able to make some good sales too! I hope the next event is better, especially when it comes to the food!

  6. So strange with the food! Nowadays there's always a vegetarian alternative (also in this backward country)!
    And great stuff you got, once again :)

  7. ooh, i love the print of that final orange dress. just gorgeous!

  8. It's hard to believe in this day and age food is still an issue at live events. I too have taken to carrying round snack bars just in case and I'd have needed them, I hate rice lol.

    Love your gifts and purchases :-)

  9. You two dollys look so tropicaly cute. loving the theme. great buys amor.
    lucky you have great amigas,that cluth leopard bag is the cutest.
    Michael is a sweetheart, buying Moomins bag.
    hawaiian orange dress is dreamy color.

  10. That venue always does disappoint, it's not the first time.

    You're camera really hate me, I look 10 kg heavier, same as on my b-day. :))

    Really cool presents and I'm glad you like the old curtains, hope you can make something out of them.

  11. Thanks for your comments ladies, and yes, note to self is to be more prepared in future and make sure that I come fully equipped (and catered for!) as you really can't rely on venues to provide anything edible!