Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Todays Charity finds!

Ha! Told you it wouldn't be long before I got my charity shop fix again....I can't stay away and crave to go if its been more than a week! (Get a life, Clare!)
Anyway, my sister Elaine came round for lunch today (we had Thai Vegetable soup, home made Potato Cakes and Cupcakes & Tea for dessert, yum). We then ventured into my village centre and had a root round the market, charity shops & crap shops! The sun was also shining and it felt really spring like and warm, happy days :)
This is what I found today in my fave hospice charity shop;
Kenneth Cole wedges. Have been, by the looks of them, worn once!
Kenneth Cole is a US shoe brand (I presume someone bought these on holiday to the US as they are a US label, and sized an 8M, which is my size in US shoes).
And on! They are really soft leather, and only a 3" wedge, with 1" front platform making them a more comfortable 2" instep than most wedges. I can't stand pu/plastic straps on wedges either - they always cut in and rub so I am sooooo happy to find these. They RRP for around $70 in the US, I got them for just £2!
And this brand new, still with tags on wrap style, tie front dress from UK label Oli. The side zip has broken, but now I'm getting much better with my sewing machine, I'll just put a new zip in!
Photo does not do it justice, its midnight blue and a nice weight matt fabric, perfect for a summer day dress with leggings underneath.
And a close up of the wrap front. Oli dresses sell for around £50-£70. I got this one for £2!
And final fun purchase of the day, gingham and cupcake oven gloves, £2.49 from crap shop B&M bargains!


  1. Charity shop fix - I know the feeling! I just love having a nosey around charity shops looking for bargains and don't do it enough to be honest. I got a load of seamed Aristoc stockings from a local one a few years ago for just £1 a pr and some (really thick) CC41 stockings still in the original pack - bliss! :o)


  2. I can't stay away from charity shops more than two days and this week I'm going back to work. :D
    My friend Elaine has written a "Look Out For" list of stuff she want me to snag when I sort behind the scenes. :))

    Love the shoes and the wrap dress, great finds.

    Happy Birthday!
    Can I get you something? <3

  3. Kaye - wow! Getting a load of deadstock stuff is such a great find!
    Rascal, I know you are worse than me for your Charity addiction! ;) My nieces both volunteer in Charity shops, they are only 16 and 19 (and need to be trained up in the way of finding me vintage goodies!), although saying that I have a 60s bag coming my way from the eldest one!
    And thanks for the birthday wishes, and no of course you don't need to get me anything! :)

  4. Always love a charity shopping day.
    Mmmm papa cakes.
    Big score on the shoes, super cool looking.
    That dress is beautiful cant wait to see you modeling it for us.
    Happy birthday amor!

  5. Love the ov gloves! I haven't been thrifting for two days! Withdrawal!

  6. Great findings, the shoes especially. Awesome to find comfortable wedges for that price!

  7. I don't go often enough as there aren't enough good ones round here and their prices are getting silly! I do need to find some better ones though that I can go to regularly!

  8. OMG B&M! I will have to tell His Lordship. When we went up to visit the outlaws in Lancashire, I asked what I SHOULD go see. Liverpool Docks? Blackpool Illuminations? Southport Pier? Psshaw... he took me to B&M... how to treat a lady eh? I bought loads of crap though teeheehee!

  9. Fab finds as ever! I love the shoes.