Monday, 7 March 2011

Totally Tropical - My new vintage Hawaiian!

In general, I am not one of these people who buys loads of new stuff to go on holiday (and after all I'm planning on buying stuff when in ON holiday!), but I could not resist getting this fab vintage deadstock Hawaiian tie front shirt which was steal at $8 (£4.50) from Etsy, which arrived this mornings post;
Bright red, just my colour!
I did umm and ahh about it for a few days as it was listed as a large (and I'm a small) but I figured that I could alter it to fit pretty easily, which I did this morning by sewing down each of the side seams, and putting some darts in the back, which only took a few minutes...
Ta-da! Fits perfectly! Goes well with my new cats eye sunnies,60s glass bead neklace I bought the other day and my 50s starburst earrings;
I have a  few months before I go away, and some shows over the next 5 weekends coming up, so I think it will be getting worn before then! :))


  1. oooh I bet you can't wait! Great finds as ever!

  2. Those colours are magical!

  3. Oh wow,oh wow, I LOVE the whole outfit!

  4. your ready for California weather with your cute new your spotty shades amor.

  5. What a great price for Hawaiian! You look great, you're gonna rock everywhere you go in that!

  6. Yeah ! You are ready for the Screamin fest ! :)