Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank Holiday Booty!

Yesterday when we were driving to the seaside to do the 10 mile run, we passed not one, but FOUR giant car boot sales on the way - waaaa!! gutted! One of them had a big sign on saying "Also on Easter Monday" so that was our day sorted for today!
Michael and I set off early, and had a nice leisurly stroll round the car boot. I got a few goodies, with a grand total spend of just £1.60!
50s sewing box - £1.
 Been after one of these for a while.....really wish I had taken a "before" photo as it was FILTHY! I scrubbed it for half an hour with an old toothbrush and some stardrops and left it in the sun to dry. The inside is thankfully pretty clean and unmarked.
And how it looks in situ on my sewing table :))
Vintage Thermos flask - 10p. A proper flask at last! I have modern stainless steel one that I use for shows, but its pretty rubbish....this traditional glass lined one will be much better.
Vintage towel  - still in box! - 50p

This company have been going since 1933!
And the front & back of the towel...super retro!


  1. Man....good finds! Your thermos reminds me of The Jerk! "Im picking out a thermos for you!"

  2. Cool towel! This was the first time I spotted someone who found deadstock towels, I think.

  3. :( None of my local bootsales were open Easter Monday. I had to go to Game with his Lordship and look at computer games. Gah.

    Lovely finds! I especially like the towel.

  4. The write up about the towels just makes the find all the more fun! Loving your blog and finding others with a passion for the past. Come by and say hello sometime. Am now your new follower.

  5. Cool finds!
    I have tons of plastic wicker sewing boxes and they've all been dirty but I do like cleaning them for some reason. :))
    It's a huge satisfaction to bring something neglected back to glory.

  6. awesome finds, that little sewing basket is so cute.
    cool red thermo suits your red color coordination. never seen a vintage towel like that one.