Sunday, 3 April 2011

Busy weekend and new (old!) Egg Chair

Phew! Just had a really busy weekend. I did show #4 of 5 in a row at the Roller Derby, which went really well. It was an all day show ( I brought plenty of my own food!) but it wasn't that far away so I was able to drive home afterwards, which is always nice :)
This morning, Michael and I were up bright and early to go and collect our newest vintage olive green 60s egg chair. As some of my regular readers will know, we already have a tan one that we have in the lounge, but we really wanted another to go in our bedroom;
Here is our new chair, with the 50s barkcloth cushion that Michael got me for my birthday.
And in situ next to my 50s vanity. We are really pleased with our new chair and the best bit......the price of course....we have been looking, and waiting for months for a bargain and this one was really badly listed on Ebay with hardly any info and a crappy photo, which worked to our advantage of course as we won it for just £22! :))


  1. that egg chair looks so comfy and cool with your nw barkcloth pillow.
    I see all your gorgeous bags on your fab dresser.

  2. Ooo fantastic chair, it looks super comfortable! We have just been hunting for a lounge suite for months... it's so hard to know what you're getting when you buy it online. Looks like you got a great score though!

  3. £22! What a bargain, that's a great chair.

  4. What a fabulous bargain! Long live badly listed items.

  5. yay for people taking crappy pictures, that's when I get my best bargains!! Great chair and glad the event went well!