Sunday, 17 April 2011

First Car Boot of the year! :))

Hurrah! I went to my first car boot of the year today (The HUGE one in a field near where I live only runs from mid April - August). I knew it was forecast for nice weather today, so I hoped it would bring out the sellers and it would be a good was! This is what I picked up....
50s/60s (not sure!) juice glass - 10p
Love the pattern on this - only 1 as usual!
Clarks (yes more red Clarks!) wedges (barely worn), £2
80's deadstock navy spotty slingback wedges - £1
80s cutlery (full set 24 pieces) - £1.50 
Red, and spotty! Hooray!
Vintage plastic bead necklace - 25p

And a close up...the beads look like balls of wool!
50s bag  - I'm going to embellish this with my Dolly Cool swallows to sell. Its in such good condition!
As is this one....
60s bag - again, going to embellish with swallows! :))
So the first boot of the year went well....roll on summer!


  1. Fabulous finds! I had hope to go car booting this weekend as the weather was so nice but ended up doing a last minute stall at a club and there was no way I was going to get in at 3.30am and then get up to car boot!! hopefully next weekend!

  2. That ball-of-wool necklace is sooo clever! Love it! In deep bootsale envy right now... gonna check if there are any Easter Monday.

  3. Wow, what a haul. I love the cutlery set

  4. Love it all, you have such a good eye for these things. I need to take you shopping with me!

  5. You did great amor, I love that you always manage to find all kinds of red shoes. I never see, to find my size at boot sales.
    necklace does look like little barns of yarn, how cute.
    awesome bags, 80's cutlery looks so 50's.
    I didnt manage to go this sunday, stayed too late.

  6. You make me want Clarks, even though I don't know if one can get them here. Well, there's of course always The Internet...