Sunday, 24 April 2011

Flea Market finds & a 10 mile run in the sun!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter holiday weekend!
I have had a busy friend Kate came to stay and we hit the flea market at Earlestown on Saturday morning to get some bargains!  Kate bought loads including bamboo picture frames, wicker boxes, wooden boxes and a wooden guitar (she likes to woodburn things for her art label, Clumsy).
Michael got a few vintage check shirts for £1 each and I got a few 60s bits.....
60s vanity case - I'm going to sell this on once revamped with my swallow patches :)
vintage drinking glass - free! It was getting late in the day and the seller said I could have it as he thought it was rubbish!! 
My fave find from the day - 60s wallpaper roll still in the shrink wrap - 50p
And a close up of the design. We are going to use this on a feature wall or alcove.
And on to the 10 mile run!
While most people were stuffing their faces with chocolate (being Easter Sunday today), I was out running a 10 mile road race at the seaside with my friends Jo & Mark.
Mark and I at the start of the run. Yes I did run the whole race with my huge heart shaped polka dot sunglasses on, much to the amusement of other runners and race marshalls! 
And a few hours later after we finished looking a bit red in the face and with our medals!
Quite a nice medal actually, they are usually a bit plastic-y and rubbish!
This was our first "official" road run in about 2 1/2 years and it went well....but it was quite hot today so the last few miles were quite hard going. I  have spent the rest of the day lounging about and reading with tired legs! Bit more of a chilled out day tomorrow me thinks!


  1. Wow congratulations on your massive fun! I'm impressed. Super cute vanity case by the way too.

  2. Looks like great fun! Nice when people think outside the box and do something different :)

  3. Well done on the marathon! The wallpaper is fantastic find - so pretty.

  4. Congrats,Good for you amor!
    I have yet to find a vanity case at charity or boot sale.
    great idea on the cute heart wall paper.
    yup, I was busy stuffing myself with cake. :)