Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The kindness of strangers....my beautiful new (old!) confetti clamper

About 6 months ago, I was contacted by a lady called Maddie in America who asked me if I could make her a felt pin that was like a modern version of the sweetheart pins of the 40's.
Sweetheart Pins were worn by the "Sweetheart" (wife, mother, father, sibling, etc) of a member of the US Military during the war.
Some Sweetheart Pins were simple, while others were similar to expensive jewelry. The idea was to let everyone know that you had a loved one in the military, as well as a bit of knowledge as to what their role was in the war effort.
Maddie's son is currently serving in the US Air force, so I made her a custom brooch, and we had a good email chat - I always like to make customs pieces for people and find out a bit about them and why they want it etc.
Anyway, fast forwad to a few weeks ago, and I got an email out of the bluw from Maddie saying that she had seen on my blog that I loved 50s confetti jewellery, and that she had a confetti clamper that she had had for years and never wore, and it had been sat in a box for ages and that she would like me to have it as she wanted it to be shown off and enjoyed again. I was blown away - how nice is that?!
My package arrived yesterday and here it is....
Beautiful eh?
And how it looks on...
Maddie also sent me this large vintage confetti button that can be turned into a brooch...
And these modern confetti earrings too!
What a lucky gal I am! So....THANK YOU Maddie..you made my day! :))
While we are on the subject of thank you's...this also arrived in the post today...
My blog giveaway win - A fab hairclip by Olivia Rouge from the lovely Ina at Good Rockin' Baby. Thank you Ina, I love it!


  1. How lovely people can be:-) That jewellery is just gorgeous.

  2. oh wow that is gorgeous, your kindness was repaid!

  3. Maddie is one swell gal! Wonderful! <3

  4. That confetti 'set' is magic, you lucky, lucky thing. How sweet of Maddie to send it to you.

  5. what a thoughtful friend. that confettti is set is gorgeous.

  6. That was really nice of her! Since my hubby is deployed to Afghanistan IM thinking I need a sweetheart pin!!

  7. I love lucite confetti bracelets!Its a beauty!