Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Kustom Klub show report

I am back from London and show #5 of 5 in a row - phew! I had a brilliant weekend, and the weather was a scorcher to boot - hurray! Here are some photos from the day;
My stand - with customers! :)) You are probably really bored of seeing my stall now....promise no more stall photos for a while!
Me - with FOOD! HOT VEGETARIAN FOOD! Woo hoo! They had a good selection actually...this was home made vegi pizza with home made chips and garlic mayo. Not healthy, but delicious!
General scene from the event
My friend Kate (who organised the event) with her tattooed wood wares
The band - Drowning Sorrows
Claire and Katie from Tattoo-a-go-go. Awesome hand painted homeware and trinket boxes
More shoppers...
Mariana's Tasty Treats. And they really were very nice. I had a slice of the blueberry cake and the banana loaf!
On Sunday, Kate and I went to Hampstead Heath and had a picnic. It was so nice and felt really summery. In typical British fashion however, on the train home yesterday, when we were approaching Manchester - it started raining quite heavily! Good old crappy UK weather!
I am pleased to say that I have no more shows for a while now, doing 5 in a row was a bit manic! And I am also very happy to report that my favourite car boot sale (Botany Bay car boot for those who are local) has just started again, so fingers crossed for sun on the weekend so I can go booting again, yippee!


  1. Looks like a great weekend and you have made me hungry!

  2. Well done doing 5 events in a row - we've done quite a few recently and it's so tiring at times. The weather was great at the weekend wasn't it, it really makes a difference :o)

    Kaye x

  3. Looks like lots of fun! I can imagine how tiring 5 shows in a row must be. Phew!

  4. Looks like a great event! Glad you managed to get food this time ;)

    I have a question for you actually: I really want to do more stalls, but have hit a snag. Every one I've done before has been turn up, sell your stuff, no problem. I'm meant to be exhibiting at the Northern Quarter Street Party on the 29th and have been asked to provide public liability insurance, have you ever been asked for this when doing a stall? It's causing me a massive headache.

  5. Man...love the London scene...want to visit again so badly. Great pics, your stall is sweet!

  6. Wow 5 in a row, that's tough! The food photo made me laugh, food is top of the importance list when you're on a stall all day and drink of course I never drink enough when I do a stall!

    The weather was beautiful wasn't it?

  7. So many nice events. And good for you with the food this time :)

  8. Looks fantastic - and it always rains in Manchester remember?!

    Re PL insurance, mine is from http://www.craftinsurance.co.uk/

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments - it really was a great day with lots of talented independent alternative designer/makers all in one room..yes I did buy things! That post is coming soon...
    Kally - Yes I do have public liability insurance. I never used to bother when I just did little church hall craft fair things, but now its my full time job and I do bigger venues I do get asked for it from time to time. You could chance it and they probably won't ask you, but if they do, and you don't have it, you wont be able to trade.
    I use the Combined Market Traders Insurance Association for mine;
    Its only £48 for a years cover and most people I know with small businesses use this as its cheap but they are a very established and reputable firm, and its underwritten by Zurich.
    The Northern Qtr street party sounds great, I only just heard about it so may pop down for a nosey :))

  10. Looks really good... but tiring i'm sure! Good on ya though gal x

  11. oh my what fun! Envy envy...lovely table of goodies!!!! YOu look adorable in that dress!!

  12. I'm so jealous of you, here where I live (southern Brazil) there's no much of this conventions. Love the stuff that you do. (sorry about the english)

  13. Good on ya!
    Woah, your stall looks so colorful and such beautiful creations.
    mmmm yummy cakes.

  14. Thanks for the advice :) for the NQ street party you have to provide proof of insurance before they'll let you trade, it's been a massive stress because it means buying it and emailing them the policy by Friday! It should be a good event though, my vile boyfriend is looking forward to the 'black pudding ring toss' and I want to see the vintage 78 DJs and cake competition! Would be nice to see you there :)

  15. Looks like it was a very busy day!
    You look cool as usual.
    I got the same top. :D
    What have you done with your wrist? :O

  16. Thanks for your lovely comments! :))
    Camila - there is not that much of this stuff in the UK at all really. I'm lucky that one of my best friends (Kate) organises these things! They are really great and agreed that there should be more of this stuff!
    Rascal - aw thanks, and no suprises we have the same top! :)) I bought it from a car boot years ago for 20p and wear it all the time! Certainly got my money worth!
    I hurt my wrist on thursday carrying the hoover (its a heavy dyson) down our stairs - how rock n' roll! ha ha :))