Thursday, 7 April 2011

My first official photoshoot!

Not for me personally! For Dolly Cool!
Its taken me a while to get round to it, but I finally got organised and sorted one out and I am very happy with the results! :))
Jewellery - Dolly Cool
Clothing - Lady K Loves
Shoes - Rocket Originals
Hair Flowers - Betty Flowers
Model - Miss Jessica Orbit
Photographer -

Oops Just realised I forgot to show a full length photo showing the Lady K Loves outfit and Rocket Original shoes! Here it is:


  1. Great photos and your jewelry looks amazing on the model :-)

  2. Wowza! These pics are amazing and your work is fabulous!

  3. Yay, They look awesome!
    I hope I get to be your modelo when you make plus size Mama clothes.

  4. Thank you ladies! I am very happy with them!
    La Dama - I don't make the clothes...just the jewellery but you would be a great model :))

  5. The photos are great, we were pleased to be part of it. "Jessica Orbit" is a great model, very pretty. :o)
    Kaye x