Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Necklace Designs

Its been a very hectic few months and I have not really had much time to work on new designs for Dolly Cool, but that is about to change!
I am starting work on a range of wooden heart and rosary bead necklaces, and also some large single piece necklaces a sneak peak of which are below.....
Large Tattoo Rose necklace

Sugar Skull & Rose Wooden Heart Necklace on Rosary Chain

Ship & Swallow Wooden Heart Necklace on Rosary Chain
If anyone has any suggestions for what they think would look nice on these necklaces, please add your suggestions below! :))


  1. i really love the ship and swallow one. lovely colours and a lovely design.
    the rose one and the skull one are amazing as well!

  2. I LOVE those! They are brilliant!
    Skulls and roses match my tattoo !!
    What about keys or an 'old school' gipsy face?

  3. I think I may have to get ship& swallows one for myself.So pretty!I like Ivy Black's gipsy face idea.

  4. Love them! Tres cute! What about a nautical star shape as an alternative to the heart?

  5. Those are fantastic!!
    I might need to get both heart necklaces...
    they'd look so cute with sundresses & summer tank tops!

  6. gorgeous work,I love the sugar skulls and swallows.

  7. That rose is gorgeous!Great work! The colors are bright and the detail is brilliant!

  8. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions ladies :))