Friday, 8 April 2011

Off to London!

So, its time this weekend for show #5 of 5 in a row (and yes, I am exhausted!)..this weekend I am heading down to London for Kustom Klub...
I'm really looking forward to it as had a great time at Kustom Kristmas in December, and its supposed to be nice and warm too!
The only downside is that I appear to have sprained my wrist this morning hoovering (damn housework!) so although my hand is not out of action, its quite sore - which is not very useful if you make stuff all day and need to carry things on and off trains tomorrow :(
Oh well, i'll just stickj a bandage on and get on with it :)
Hope you all have a nice weekend, show report when I get back next week!


  1. Your coming to Tampa! How exciting! I only know of 2 thrift stores that are legit or at least every time Ive been there I find something. The first and favorite is:
    Second Image
    2419 West Kennedy Boulevard
    Tampa, FL 33609


    Sunshine Thrift
    4304 South Dale Mabry Highway
    Tampa, FL 33611

    There are also a few Goodwill's in the area and they tend to have interesting stuff most of the time.
    4102 West Hillsborough Avenue
    Tampa, Florida 33614

    There is also a Salvation Army
    2815 South MacDill Avenue
    Tampa, FL 33629
    but that one is hit or miss.

    I also found this site:

    Good luck, I hope this helps!

  2. Fantastic! I hope you have good luck and a great time, cant wait to hear back.

  3. I hope it was a good weekend and I hope your wrist feels better! I LOVE the hibiscus' on the poster!