Friday, 15 April 2011

Presents, Finds & Purchases!

Hello! I've had a very hectic few weeks so posts have been a bit few and far between...that doesn't mean that I stop finding/buying myself things of course - so here is some of what I have been bought a present, found in my local charity shop and bought myself over the past few weeks!
First - the present:
This was a gift from my friend Jen, who spotted it when thrifting and knew I would love it! I can't find one online to date it but its marked as Barratts Delphatic White Tableware, England. I'm guessing its 60s. And the best bit? Jen messaged me this week to say that she found 5 more this week when thrifting so bought them for me - yippee! :))
And on to my finds from my local charity shop:
60s mugs - 25p each. Love the colours - match our house perfectly!
Fornarina top - £2. I really like Fornarina stuff. Its like a poor man's Moschino Cheap n Chic. Both still too expensive for me, but not when you find it in the charity shop! Its a really nice shape, cut and gathered so its really flattering, the fabric is nice and thick, and with a nice embroidered bow to the chest too.
Boring but useful! Two pairs of jeans - One French Connection, one Next. The FC ones still had the tags on them! They should have been £65! I got both pairs for £2 each
And on to the purchases....
Handmade bag in cool Tiki fabric, £8.
 I bought this from a girl at the Roller Derby I traded at the other week.
And a close up of the print. (Its Alexander Henry 'Tiki Lounge' if anyone is interested)
Ships wheel vest from OldSkull4Eva - an independent label that was at Kustom Klub in London.
Handpainted sugar skull - by KalaHula, also from Kustom Klub. I ♥ him!
And this weeks Ebay purchase;
Collectif Sailor Cardigan - won for £3.76! (Bad photo taken with phone, ended at a random time like 10.43am on a tuesday morning  - Why do people do this?! If you take good photos, in natural light and end things at 8pm - you get far more money for them! But hey, I'm not complaining!)
And to make it even nicer.....
I added some of my own design Dolly Cool Patches to the front :))


  1. I LOVE badly listed ebay stuff, long may they continue! Some nice finds lady, how did you find time to shop & do 5 events in 5 weeks!

  2. Ooh what GREAT finds! I love the ship plate - I want!!

  3. I love nautical inspired stuff! So cute :0)

  4. Love it all (I'm a anything nautical fan) but the skull is just too cute. I think it's the huge teeth!

  5. I adore the cardigan! <3 ebay!
    You always manage to find such amazing things in charity shops, in Lincoln there are only a couple where you can get really good things for a small price, best find i've had was a set of four 1970's royal Albert cups and saucers in the masquerade pattern for £2! I ebayed the design to try and get a matching teapot and it was going for around £65!! So I have no matching teapot :(
    They're also bone china so I refuse to let anyone use them for fear of them cracking upon tea impact!

  6. Ahh I love that sugar skull! So cool. I'm saving up for some of the tiki lounge fabric, I want it in turquoise for a Summer dress.

    I'm off to Chorlton charity shopping today, hopefully will have some good finds to blog about!

    Good finds on the cardigan and jeans!

  7. I love anything nautical.
    skull is so cool and ship plate.
    cardigan and jeans are so cute.
    lucky girl a tiki bag for $8 usually see those for 315 to £20.
    good luck at the boot sales tomorrow.

  8. wow! Amazing finds!
    Those mugs are such a bargain

  9. WoW! What fantastic finds! You have a great eye!! xxxxxx