Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party Roundup!

Yesterday as most of the world knows, was The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. A lot of the UK celebrated the day as they were given an extra paid days bank holiday (cause for celebration in itself for most!) to mark the occasion. As mentioned on my previous post, I'm not too fussed myself about the Royals - but the opportunity arose to have a stall in the arts district of Manchester (The Northern Quarter) for a celebratory 40s style street party, and as you know, a stall is a stall and with a 40s theme to boot and sales to be made - hurrah for the Royal Wedding! ;)
I had a really great day at the party - the sun was shining, everyone was in a great mood and I did pretty well sales wise too so good all round! The only negatives were
1. That I forgot my bags for wrapping up sold goods - disaster! As it was a public holiday none of the shopfitters were open for me to go and buy some, but luckily I know someone with a shop not too far away from where the party so was able to beg some bags from there! Phew!
(Massive thanks to Kathy from Awesome Rockin' shop - Rockers England).
2. The street was like a wind tunnel! This was rectified by sticking down everything I could with gaffa tape and making a windbreak out of one of my tablecloths!
Apart from that - all was are some photos from the day;
Me stood behind the stall. The pink spotty screen is my windbreak!
I've got my new specs on and am having a coffee from my 10p thermos!
My stall with my little helper (aka my Niece, Kat). Kat did a great job helping me out and it was so busy during the day I don't know what I'd have done without her!
A general view of the street
A lot of people made an effort with dressing in the period style

A Tiki bar!
I met fellow blogger, Kally who also had a stall at the event. It was thanks to Kally's blog that I ended up having a stall here - so thanks Kally it was really nice to meet you and see your lovely hats :)
Very important - Cake stall! yum....
And macaroons.....also yum.....
And also some street art going on from local artists!
Kat swapped over with Michael at about 5.30pm and he enjoyed the atmostphere with a few beers! I didn't have any drinks as I was driving, and I also don't really like to drink when I am working.
I packed up at 7.30, and we walked to Pizza Express where we relaxed with a nice meal and drinks.
A great ending to a fun day :))


  1. Looks like a brilliant day! It was a good one all round I think.

  2. That looks like a fantastic day. I ended up staying up until midnight to watch the wedding live (time change in NZ) which turned out not to be such a great idea because I had a market early the next morning too!

  3. Looks like one fab street party. Wouldn't minded to have a drink from that tiki bar!

  4. Looks fab :) was very windy all around I think. xx

  5. The wind was mental wasn't it? Looks great fun. :-)

  6. Me and my collegues looked at the Royal Wedding streaming from our computers at work - and didn't work at all :)
    Looks like a great street party, good for you it wasn't raining even if it was windy!

  7. Looks like great fun, such a beautiful day.
    ooooh cake stall,I would been there forever
    Our crap village didnt have a street party, boo!

  8. I look surprisingly happy in that picture considering how ill I felt! I packed up about 7pm, couldn't stand the cold or my headache.

    It was great to meet you too! Hope you and your helpers had a good day :) Next time I shall employ a helper, it would have been nice to actually have a look at some of the other stalls and festvities.