Thursday, 26 May 2011

**Blogger logging in and/or comment problems**

I have interrupted my holiday posts to just do a quick post on the problems that a lot of people seem to be having with logging in, and posting comments on Blogger.
My Blogger was doing the exact same thing about 3 weeks ago. It was not letting me leave comments on anyone's posts, and I kept on having to log in repeatedly just to do a blog post, and some days I couldn't even log in as myself! I looked into what could be the problem, did what it suggested by clearing my cache, browsing history etc. etc. and still no joy, until I read somewhere that older browsers are having trouble with the constantly  updating websites (including Blogger) and to try downloading a new, fast browser such as Google Chrome.
Its free to download, and takes about 5 mins to install. (Its also super easy and safe by the way, no boffins required!) Quite simply the best thing I ever did - my computer is working MILES faster, all the pages open super fast and blogger works perfectly again.
Hope this helps a few of you out! :))


  1. Thanks for the tip. Haven't been able to comment any blogs for days including your holiday ones!

  2. Thanks - I can comment on blogs but every now and then it wouldn't let me upload photographs at all which is frustrating. In fact just now I was trying to upload photos via Mozilla and it wouldn't work so I switched to Chrome and it worked fine! Very strange!

  3. I think its just a case of outdated browsers - like all other software. I thought my computer was knacking out, but since upgrading to Chrome, everything online works superfast! Spread the word and get everyone back on Blogger again :))

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I just downloaded it. Ive been having tons of problems with blogger lately. The only way I got on recently was clearing all the browsing history and cookies etc. But after a few days I couldnt comment AGAIN!