Saturday, 7 May 2011

Clogs and Dresses!

Yesterday I took an afternoon off to meet with my good friend Jo and have an afternoon of pre-holiday shopping, with lunch and cake mixed in for good measure of course!
We started off with lunch at the little Indian Cafe in the Northern Quarter, Al Faisal. I had lental dahl and veg curry 1/2 and 1/2 with a naan bread, and Jo had the lamb curry with Chapati. A steal at around £4 each!
We then hit the shops! I am not someone who buys tons of new stuff before my hols, but I did get a few bits that will be coming with me.....
Swedish Hasbeens and H&M Collaboration clogs - £34.99
I could not actually believe how much the Swedish Hasbeens are on their website - about £230 a pair = eek!
They are lovely and my fave colour.....but I'm glad I only paid £34.99 for them!
I then got this shell and coral print 50s style cotton sundress from Primark - £9.00
Close up on the top part - really like the petal bust type detailing
And the print - very summery, and not really seen one like this before
I also got this dress....also from Primark, £17
I saw this dress back in January in a magazine. My sister had cut it out for me and said "Clare, you HAVE to get this dress - its beautiful"..and it is! The only 'problem' is that it has been advertised to death in the UK press and everybody probably has one....but...I just love it. 
And, no-one is going to have it in the US are they? (well, hopefully!)
When I get back, I'll put it away for a while and get it out again to wear when everyone else has tired of it!
And a close up..the fabric is such a nice soft, satin feel cotton, and its lined and puffs out a little on the skirt. I'll get a snap of me wearing it anyway :))
The day was concluded with a Chai Latte and slice of cake sat outside quirky cafe Oaklahoma in the sun...perfect!
By the way.....after a 400+ day break (oops!) I am back on Twitter again....follow me @dollycool


  1. Lovely dresses! Primark does throw out some nice things but the whole "If I go out in this I'm garunteed to see at least 10 other people wearing it" thing does put me off buying from there, not to mention the queues!

  2. Ohhh lovely dresses and shoes, we are entering winter here and already I'm now lusting for summer dresses.

    XX Rosina Lee

  3. Cute stuff!
    Don't worry, you won't see your new dresses on anyone here in the U.S....I've never heard of Primark until now. We do have H& M though, so you might see your cute clogs!

  4. Are they leather? I saw some on a blog earlier, she'd paid $285 for them!!! I nearly spat out me tea.

    Love the shell and coral dress :)

  5. Fantastic haul! There is nothing better than a res shoe (well, perhaps two red shoes). I cannot believe that Primark dress. Divine.

  6. Those shoes are fab. I may have to get pair for myself. Primark stuff is great. Haven't bought their dresses though. The puffy skirt bit makes my buffy bottom look even bigger :)

  7. I love the shell dress I looked at the various different ones they had in Primark but they were too short for me :-(

    The shoes are ace.

  8. The clogs are fab. Are they comfortable? I love the shell dress, its so very cute!

  9. I love that Primark dress, unfortunately it sold out IN A FLASH in all my local Primarnis. The seashell one is also very pretty indeed.

    I love the clogs, just the right height and style for day-to-evening holiday wear.

  10. Love that little red dress!! Its so adorable!

  11. Thanks ladies! I am very happy with my new things and can't wait to wear them :))
    Kally - The uppers are all leather I'm afraid so that means none for you - boo :(
    Atomic Mama - The shoes are really comfortable actually...always a must for me!
    Perdita - I know stuff always sells out straight away in London stores....I was actually more amazed that I managed to get some Hasbeens, as they are sold out online, and in many stores..but Manchester is obviously not that clued up on hot clogs! ;)

  12. The shell dress is super hott!

  13. The dresses are neato keen! I adore those Hasbeens shoes too! I am on the hunt for a new pair of 40s-styled red wedges for summer and those would be perfect!