Sunday, 22 May 2011

Florida - Day 2 - Fort Myers

Day 2 of our trip started at 4am when I was bolt suprise there as it would have been 9am at home, around the time I usually get up. My body clock is so finely tuned to UK time, I find it really hard to adjust to a different time zone! I read/dozed until 6.30am whereby I gave up and got up! Luckily Michael is pretty much the same, so we got ready, packed up our stuff and headed out for breakfast. We drove to a great 'locals' cafe called Nicks, and had our first all American breakfast - Michael had corned beef hash, home fries, eggs & toast, and I had pancakes & syrup - with coffee and ice water each the bill was just $10 for both of us!
We carried on our drive to our first point of call that day....our first thrift store!
As you can see - I am rather excited about having a rummage in this HUGE store! I'm in Hawaiian mode at the moment (as you will see as the week's posts progress!) so I'm wearing my Lady K Loves Hawaiian Shirt.
We had a good old rummage and picked up a few bits;
Hawaiian polo - $2 (£1.27)
Black & White Polka trousers - $2 (£1.27)
Wrangler Western Shirt for Michael - $3 (£1.90)
2 yards vintage fabric - 50c (32p!)
After this, we got in the car and drove south to our next port of call, Fort Myers. On the way, we went over this ENORMOUS was a bit scary and massive pelicans were flying about right above the car and at the side of us!
Huge bridge - on the way up...
Me driving... (note I'm wearing my Lucite clamper, Maddie :))
At the top....eeekkkkkkk
And on the way down...phew! It really was an awesome bridge. How on earth do they build these things?!
So, we arrived at Fort Myers and went to the Fleamasters Fleamarket.
Inside....rows and rows of rummage heaven! 
It looks amazing, but was actually quite disappointing! There was such a lot of smelly, broken junk that would have been better taken to the tip really, and any 'antiques' or things of interest were owned by dealers who were really overcharging. Over half of the 'Fleamarket' was just regular traders too, selling cheap t-shirts, fake watches and food. We also went to another one after this, and it was pretty much the bargain joy here I'm afraid!
That night, we stayed at a roadside hotel of the La Quinta chain (which I would highly recommend by the way). Throughout our stay, we used coupons from the Roomsaver coupon book, which was invaluable. It basically gave us 1/2 off  every hotel we stayed at! You can download and print out the coupons for your state on the link above. Our hotel room at Fort Myers was really big, newly decorated, had a nice pool and we got an included breakfast for just $49 (£31) for both of us.
And the sunset from our room :))
More holiday posts tomorrow!


  1. I'm so jealous.
    That Lady K Loves blouse looks good on you - I can see why your in Hawaiian mode :)

  2. LOVING your haul. That rummage heaven is heaven, indeed. I would have had an anxiety attack there is so much there.

  3. oh my oh my that flea market looks I wanted to jump in the photo and grab some goodies...thanks for sharing! you look adorable