Monday, 23 May 2011

Florida - Day 4 - Key Largo

Day 4 started well, I actually had a good nights sleep and slept right through until 7am! This, I think was due to us staying at The Boatel on our own houseboat!
Entrance to The Boatel
And the 6 houseboats you can rent. Ours was on the far right. We loved staying here, it was so relaxing!
During the day, we went out to visit the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park - another wildlife reserve, but no crocs! It was really hot, so after doing a few of the nature trails (and getting 3 mosquito bites - humpf!) we went back to the boat, where you could climb up on the top and chill in a lounger! 
Me relaxing on the roof....I'm wearing my bargain £2 dress from the charity shop 
And my view. The boats were moored up on a jetty right on the water - and Kayak rental was included in the price of the stay! 
Michael and I donned some life jackets and took out a tandem kayak for an our on the water you can see in front of us. No photos of us kayaking I'm afraid - I was too scared I'd drop the camera in the water!
And my snack when we got back from Kayaking....Key lime Pie yogurt, yum!
That night we went out to eat at the much hyped Mrs Macs Kitchen
It got rave reviews in all 3 guidebooks I had, and online too - but we didn't rate it too much. I can't fault the food , which was lovely - but the food was thrown at us (even though it was quiet). I think we were in there a total of 30 minutes for a two course meal with drinks. Hardly a nice relaxing evening meal! 
We went back at The Boatel, chilled out and got packed up ready for Day number 5 - the much anticipated trip to Miami Beach.....


  1. Looks like you had fun! Sorry about the diner-I think it is an American thing. We want everything quick. When we spent some time in Europe I had to adjust to slower meals-which I prefer.

  2. Yep I think it's an American thing too! I'm always amazed at how quick food arrives in the US, not relaxing at all I wonder how they get on in Italy ;o)

  3. Ha! By the end of the week it was doing our head in! In one place, the server was trying to bring me dessert while Michael was still eating his main....crazy!

  4. ooooh boatels, love how cute and cosy they look.
    yes, yeah, they rush around with food in restaurants. I dont like that either ,but also dont like waiting too long.