Thursday, 26 May 2011

Florida - Day 7 - Melbourne & Daytona Beach & an awesome Bakelite find!

Morning started off again at the crack of dawn, where we enjoyed our all you can eat inclusive hotel breakfast ( I made some waffles in the very cool waffle machine, yum). We then packed up and hit the road and headed to our first destination of the day, which was Melbourne. A small, historic town on the Space coast that according to the guide book was full of quaint shops, antique and thrift stores. And it was!
Melbourne High St.
We trawled all the stores, and thankfully they were a lot more reasonably priced than the upmarket ones on West Palm Beach ( see yesterday's post). I was actually rather giddy when we went into the lovely, (and best on the street in my opinion!), Betty's Antiques and managed to find what I had been hoping to find on my trip to the States.....
Betty's Antiques....where I found some Bakelite! And not just any old Bakelite....
Oh yes...I got some polka dot Bakelite! Yes, its the genuine inlaid spot kind - normally sell for £100's (And I mean hundreds of £'s - see these on Ebay if you want to compare!).....Betty had two, priced at $90 each.......eeekkk!!! You NEVER see polka Bakelite for that price.
She also had some carved pieces at $45 each. I really wanted both, so I asked if she could do me a deal, and you know what, I got both for $100! Whoopeeeeee!
And here they are, my new treasured possessions! ♥♥♥ I'm just kicking myself that I didn't buy the other polka dot one (which was black with yellow spots). I could have sold it and paid for most of our holiday spends with the profit! ha ha! (I didn't actually get it as I knew that I would want to keep it, and I couldn't afford both!!)
After calming myself down (!), it was time to get back in the car and off to Daytona Beach for our last afternoon of the holiday. I thought we needed a bit of chill out time after our super hectic week!
View from the hotel pool over Daytona Beach
Me in the pool!
Michael walking along the beach
Just in case I forgot where we were!
And the amazing soft white sand..... 
Daytona was actually far nicer than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be packed full of bronzed youths with tons of tacky seaside shops, but it actually wasn't. It was actually very quiet and very peaceful! The perfect end to an amazing holiday :))


  1. oh wow, sounds fabulous! I love finding those places that are FULL of treasures for a decent price!

  2. I'm so pleased you found what you were hoping for, just makes the holiday that bit more special.

  3. Everytime I see or read about something Bakelite I think of you! :)But.. the big question: How can I get hold of some of them lovely head band thingies you make?

  4. Nadia, they are for sale on Ebay (look up rockabilly hair tie)- see what fabric I currently have.....send me a message and I'll sort something for you :))

  5. I'm gonna make a huge buy with you.. what's the email again? I had it once, but lost it :/

  6. So cool! Doesnt it make your day when you get a deal on something you covet? After seeing your photos I have realized I need a vacation bad! Glad you had fun!

  7. just beautiful,bakelite envy, I seen a plain bakelite bracelet at a vintage store in Cali. was $24, I'm cheap boot sales made me like these.

  8. yay for another Melbourne!!! hehe. i am from Melbourne Australia!!! :D

    and i love bakelite jewellery.. soo pretty. the mustard colour is lovely. xox.

  9. No, not High Street, it's New Haven Avenue! I used to live there as a child and I was actually looking to find out if there were any pictures of Betty's Antiques. And there were, yours! Thanks!