Friday, 27 May 2011

Florida - Day 8 - Final bargains!

Aha! You thought I'd finished my holiday posts didn't you? Well, technically Day 8 was a get up and drive to the airport and go home day, but as we were awake so early we had the morning free to do some last minute thrift shopping! (I'm never one to waste an opportunity!). I'm so glad that we stopped off at the HUGE City Thrift in Daytona as they had a 'Red ticket' sale - where everything with a red ticket was half off, yay!
City Thrift, Daytona. And my bargains;
Embroidered Cherry cropped trousers $1.50 (about 95p!)
And a close up on the embroidery
Black and white gingham capris - $1.50 (95p)
80s hawaiian sarong dress - $3 (£1.90)
And a close up on the pattern. Its funny as I bought the exact same style and make of dress in a different hawaiian fabric off Etsy just before I went on my hols!!;
80's sarong dress - Etsy - $12 (£7.50) Still a bargain, not as good as 3 bucks though!
And a close up...told you I've gone a bit Hawaiian mad recently!
80s deadstock plastic spot earrings, still on original card - 50c (32p!)
And fave find of the day....
This super vintage walnut veneer General Electric radio at just $3 (£1.90). We plugged it in to make sure it worked in the shop, and it was perfect. So back home it came...(with a US to UK adapter plug purchased at the airport of course!)
And here it is in situ on top of my 60s bread bin, and next to its US neighbour, my $1 butter dish! The radio of course plays oldies stations the Christine! he he ;)
And that is my holiday posts done! I hope you enjoyed them! 
This week I have been mainly jet lagged, and getting my large backlog of orders done as well as getting back on twitter (follow me @dollycool), getting some new designs done for my new collection and booking some shows for the upcoming months....phew! 


  1. Glad you had such a marvellous time, I've loved seeing all your bargains!

    With the plug converter - did you make sure it's one which converts the voltage rather than just the shape of the plug? I had to buy one for my American bubble xmas lights, it's a big chunky thing.

  2. Good point Kally, I have a US electric alarm clock and the voltage converter is important.

    Fab posts, looks like you had a ball, and such brilliant sunshine every day *sigh*

  3. I've been trying to comment on your photos for days (and days and days - stupid blog). But all seems to working again now. yippee.

    You've been on a shopping frenzy and I love it all. You did soo... well.

    I am loving all your holiday snaps. brings a bit of sunshine into my winter. :(

  4. Wow, you got some fab bargains. I love the cherry pants, of course :)

  5. Both of those trousers are awesome. And such a bargain. I'm bit behind commenting your holiday posts but it looks you had fabulous time!

  6. We have a City Thrift here in Clarksville and I love it! I thought it was just a local place. Thats so awesome. I love the hawaiian stuff.

  7. Hi how are you?

    I noticed that you like tattoos, and I have a label in which I had some of my bloggers send me their tattoo pictures, so very funny...

    Anyway, I like your blog, and want to invite you to visit mine, and if you will follow me I would love to follow yours....


  8. Your holiday looked amazing! I hope to be able to do something similar in a few years time, perhaps spending a bit longer though.

    Love those cherry print cropped trousers so much (well, I love most things you post up but these stood out) :)

    Bit of a random question, were you at the Kustom Kulture Blastoff event in Spalding last year? Just that I saw a photo in an album they put up and there was a lady browsing a stall that looked just like you!
    If it wasn't you then you have a twin :)

  9. Kally & Fiona, thanks for the tip - I will get a transformer! I just had a plug converter...
    Lucy - Yes it was me! I had a stand at KKBO last year, and I'm doing it again this year. I see you are too! :))
    And thank you everyone else for your nice comments! I'm wearing the cherry trousers right now!

  10. Well I'm glad it was you, would have been a bit embarrassing otherwise!
    I'm really looking forwards to the event, my first one ever! I'll be sure to come say hello, and sneakily get myself some goodies whilst the other half isn't looking haha :)

  11. You need a 'step down' transformer to take the current down from our 240V supply to the US 110V, I think mine was about £5 on ebay. Vintage electrical explosions averted! ;)

    I was looking into having a stall at Kustom Kulture Blastoff too, I think I've left it a bit late now though - need to chase them up and get them to send me more details.

  12. i cannot get over the radio!!1 sooo cute!!!

  13. Those cherry print pants are to die for!! I can see them pairing beautifully with a red shirt tied in a knot! So summer!!

    It looks you had a brilliant time! I was in South Florida (Boca Raton) from the 19th to the 24th. I love it down there! My in-laws live there and my husband grew up in Palm Beach. The beach and the weather was amazing!

  14. I'm in love with the cherry pants, Hawaiian dresses and red earrings. love how big the thrift stores are in is so cool too.