Monday, 2 May 2011

This weeks car booty

I don't know whats going on in the UK at the moment...the weather is lovely and has been for the last few weeks -shocking! (in a good way of course!). This means that boot sales are definitely on, they are huge and goodies are to be found. Michael and I were up early yesterday and at the Car Boot for 8am. It was already super busy and we had to drive for ages to find a parking spot!
 had a good rummage as usual and this is what I found...
Wooden pineapple dish - £1. 
Vintage drinking glasses to add to our collection, and a pair too - yippee! 50p for both
Oldies tapes for the car - yes I still have a ye olde casettee player in my car! Elvis, The Everly Brothers and Roy Orbison will encase me nicely in a 50s/60s car timewarp - just 10p each!
Vintage necklace - 25p
And a close up - in my fave colour combo of red and white of course!
Spotty tea dress - £1
And a close up of the fabric/print
Spotty cropped jacket - 50p. 
Tray of Forget-me-knots for the garden - £2. Michael planted these out in our Victorian Cistern box yesterday afternoon.
 I also popped into my fave local charity shop this weekend and picked up this dress for just £2;
Cute pattern (white rabbits and red hearts), stretchy & comfy jersey fabric, has pockets and is red, black and white - very me!
And a close up of the print - so cute! ♥♥
Think this will be my travelling outfit for when I go on my holiday :))


  1. oooh I love all your goody finds, especially the polka dot dresses,you always have luck finding glasses. also love the wooden pineapple and vintage necklace, I get excited when I find dresses and jewelry. That will be a great traveling outfit amor.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who still has a cassette player in the car!
    Great scores, all...
    I bought a pair of red and white polka dot espadrilles this weekend that you'd love, from Payless Shoes...when you go on your trip to the US you'll have to find a Payless...cute shoes and super low prices :-)

  3. I love the bunnies on that dress, very unusual. Love the pineapple dish too.

  4. Fab finds! We carbooted this weekend too, plant stands making us very annoyed we don't have a garden- they are SUCH a boon at car boots, aren't they??

    That dress print is super-cute, adore it.

  5. Very jealous of your rabbit print dress - sooo cute! Agreed what is fling on with the weather?? Come summer it will probably be raining!

  6. Love that rabbit dress! Precious! Those glasses are cute! And that wooden pineapple bowl is tiki-tastic! You always have great finds! Great!

  7. My nanna had a wooden pineapple! Love it.

  8. Ah, the rabbits are great!

  9. Love the wooden pineapple, you know. :)