Thursday, 5 May 2011

Vintage sundress revamp!

Most of my followers will know that although I ♥♥♥ vintage homewares, accessories, cars and music - I'm not a huge fan of vintage clothing (for myself). Love the way it looks on others, but I either just don't see stuff that I like and is "me", or the stuff I do like (50s Hawaiians) are way out of my price range!
I went in my local Charity shop yesterday and actually found a print that I liked on a vintage dress - which was this 70's tropical print sundress;
It was just £1.50 - and although it was too big for me, and a shape/length that I wouldn't normally wear -  I knew that I could alter it to fit. This is the before photo. It didn't have a tiered skirt - I cut it off then remembered that I hadn't yet taken a photo - d'oh!
And a close up of the print - tropical! 
The top bit - I like the neckline and piping so just a few small alterations were needed;
1.I Sewed down the side seams and put darts in the back so the top is more fitted
2. The shoulders are drawstring, so I pulled them tight and tied in a bow
3. I hacked about a foot off the bottom, and hemmed the end
Ta Da! 
Accessorised with a waist cincher and its a perfect holiday sun dress in a more Clare style...not bad for £1.50 eh?


  1. What an amazing dress and fits you so pretty ,clare style amor
    Dont you just love when you find a gem ?

  2. Very nice work, it really became YOU!

  3. I love how you've worked it. That print is delightfully tropical and summery. I really should remember that taking up a skirt or nipping in a waist is a quick improvement when I browse charity shops, I've often discarded something with a nice pattern for being too big or long...

  4. Suits you really well! I think you do need some alteration skills in order to wear vintage clothes. I don't have any so I pretty much buy only stuff that already fits me.

  5. Brilliant! As Perdita said I rarely think about altering things when I see them in charity shops either, no idea why.

  6. Well done! I have got a dress I am going to get around to adjusting, also too big and too long. But it's a beautiful butterfly pattern.

  7. Looks fab what a great idea, I have to do this more often I see stuff with a great print that's awful, and don't think to alter it and I do have the skills!

    I've always had to alter vintage stuff too!