Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A bit quiet....and some new make-up!

Hello! Sorry its been a bit quiet on the old blog front - I've not really done anything very exciting to blog about to be honest in the last couple of weeks! No boot sale AGAIN on sunday due to the persistant bad weather. Instead, Michael and I went for a bike ride in the drizzle!
I have actually been very busy (work wise) as I decided that I needed to 'tweak' a few things on my website, so have been taking some new photos, updating information, organising a new photo shoot.....which will be featuring the lovely La Dama (which I am very excited about)....more info on that coming up soon.....and also I changed my domain name from the Moonfruit address I have been using for the last 2.5 yrs, to www.dollycool.co.uk, which is more professional - even if it means I now have to change ALL my branding and promo material (and there is a LOT of it!!)..... I know it will be worth it though and I feel much happier with the .co.uk taking things forward.
I've also in the past few weeks become an avid tweeter! Something I dismissed for quite a while, as I didn't really "get" it - but now I do! I think its great to interact with other like-minded people on there - there are a lot of inspirational creative people with great business advise, independent brands, designers and crafters, and people into vintage, so for me its been a really positive thing to do. I'm @dollycool if anyone wants to follow me :)
So, enough waffle and onto the lovely new Make-Up that I treated myself too last week. I had a coupon code (of course!) for Beauty Bay, and I wanted some new eyeshadows - so I bought this fab palette by Urban Decay;
The Vegan Palette. Completely cruelty and animal product free. I'm not vegan, but am very against animal testing, so anything like this gets the thumbs up from me! You get 6 very highly pigmented eyeshadows, an eye primer and an eyeliner. The set retails for £23.50, but I got it for £18 with the coupon. 
This was quite a splurge for a bargain hunter like me,  but I don't buy very much make-up, but what I do get has to be good quality. I especially hate cheap, nasty eyeshadows!
And just look at the pretty box!
And a close up of the shadows. They are all a pearl/frost finish which I love (I don't really like Matt finishes). The gold and bronze colours are my fave. The bright turquoise is for brave days! 
I am actually doing something interesting later on this week, so promise more interesting posts coming at the weekend :))


  1. What cool graphics! That eyeshadow holder is a work of art...pretty shadows too!

  2. What a cool box! And good luck on working with the website!

  3. Urban decay's make-up always comes in such a pretty boxes. I always go for cheaper make-up but maybe Father Xmas might bring me Urban Decay in 6 months time :) Hope everything will go smoothly with ur website.

  4. Urban Decays eyeliners are always my fave for staying put! La Dama is going to be rocking in your photo shoot, she is fabulous! Scarlett x

  5. I love Urban Decay Eyeliners.

  6. Urban Decay is a favourite brand of mine, I have a little bit of all their stock somewhere or other in my dresser.

    I did my bridal make-up in it too- it can do classic as well as clubby or rocky.

  7. Urban Decay eyeshadows have such amazing staying power, colors are so me.
    Good luck with all you do, I know you will knocke all dead amor.

  8. I love Urban Decay also, especially their Book of Shadows palettes!

    I don't have this palette but aww look at the kitty and chihuahua! Beautiful palette and beautiful colours PLUS zero is the best black liner! xxx