Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dire Domestics & Some vintage cheer!

Had some issues with dire domestics this week, firstly the oven packed in on Monday. Great! We got someone out to fix it, but it was going to be the same price to fix as to buy a new one, so we got a new one - Unexpected expense #1. Then today, my embroidery machine hoop broke, its basically a cheap piece of plastic that you can't fix, and you have to buy a new one - £30 plus shipping - Unexpected expense #2. Rubbish!
So this afternoon, a bit fed up after boring oven and hoop buying, it was off to the charity shop and local market to pick up some vintage goodies to cheer me up!
Mini Cactus - looks fab in this vintage coffee cup. Cactus - 50p, Cup 20p
Two 60's plates from Hospice shop - 20p each
And a close up of the pattern 
And joy of joys - a retro sweet stall has opened on the market selling all sorts of nostalgic sugary treats! Michael treated me to some of my all time favourite 'penny' sweets (now, not a penny!) - white chocolate mice. I've always had a thing for white chocolate. Its really sickly and sweet, and these white mice taste just like they always have done, yum :)


  1. Great finds too! I can't stand white chocolate for the same reason, too sickly and sweet, but glad you're enjoying!

  2. oh sorry about your oven and hoop amor/
    how are you finding 20p charity items? the lowest item here sells for 50 pence. those are jumble sale prices. I love all your crockery finds. cactus cup is cute too.
    mmm the white choc mice, only kind I could eat no chocolate for me.

  3. Great finds. I love the retro cup - 20p, wow! The charity shops near me have gotten too retro savvy for my liking and are starting to charge a lot more for what used to be considered bric a brac. But it just goes to show there are still bargains to be had if you're persistent

  4. Wow, amazing prices! The cactus looks perfect in the cup.

    Didn't I just spot you in this month's Vintage Life magazine? Looked great!

  5. Thanks ladies :) Yes I am very lucky to have a local hospice shop that charges silly prices for everything - most clothing is 80p per item, and all crockery bits are 20p each! I always give them extra at the till as getting a bag full of stuff for £1.20 feels a bit wrong!
    Lakota - yes that is me in Vintage Life, I'm also in Milkcow too! Woo, get me! ha ha.....once I get my mitts on copies I'll do a post on the features :))

  6. nothing like a bit of retail therapy

  7. Boo to the oven and Yay to the chocolate mice. My digruntled complaint is that I can never find milk gums in the retro sweet shops. The proper old fashined ones with cornflour on the outside. This is where I find they had some terrible additive/chemical in them and they can't actually make them any more!

  8. Sorry about the oven! My mum and dad recently had theirs go mad and then simply stopped working. They had to use their outdoor grill for a few days. I hope your new one is good!

    I adore white chocolate! Milky Bar is one of my all-time favorites! Whenever I visited family in the UK and Ireland, I would stock up on them before heading back to the US. Also, whenever my aunties visit, they bring me Milky Bars along with Roses and Chocolate Eclairs! Anyway, I hope your white chocolate mice were delish! I love that cute cactus too! :)

  9. Love those 60s plates! The pattern is great!

    I have never had a cactus! I really must get myself one!

    After all those unexpected pay outs it's good to find something cheap and cheerful especially if white chocolate mice are involved!!!

    Me and my hunny get out retro sweet from - check it out!