Friday, 10 June 2011

Glamour/Benefit Freebie time and a new dress!

Its that time again when Glamour magazine (UK only, sorry overseas ladies!) are giving away some fab Benefit freebies! Woo Hoo! I love Benefit, so I make sure I write down in my diary (yes, sad I know!) when the issue is out, and then I go out early and snap up my freebies! The Benefit issues always sell out really quickly, so if you are not fast, you are last!!
So, for a £2 magazine, you can get either a Benetint, Posie Tint or High Beam product. The products are 1/3 of their full retail size, and worth around £10 each. Bargain! Considering a full sized Benetint is £24.50, this is a great deal, especially if you are new to their products and want to give them a try, without spending a fortune.
This months UK issue with choice of 3 products
I got 4! 2 x Benetint, and 2 x Posie Tint....I'm massively into lip stains at the moment, so wearable for daytime without worrying about lipstick smears. I didn't get any high beam, as its not something that I'd really use. Well, I had to leave some things in the shop for someone else! ;)
Me wearing Benetint
I got the magazines from Asda (UK Supermarket) and had a quick look at the clothing when I was in there and picked up this really cute sun dress;
Cherries and hearts with raspberries & pineapples in the background! ♥♥
Detailing on the bust
And a close up of the fabric! ♥♥
And a complete steal for just £10 :)


  1. Oh GOD! I was talking about this to Buddy last night, I seen it on a beauty website.
    I love lip stains, I bought one from Primark awhile back and it works just like Benefit.
    I love Asda, I always find something cute. that cherry dress is delish amor.

  2. I nearly bought that dress on Wednesday! I decided it was too pale for me though so I went for the red dress with the little bluebirds.

  3. That is a really cute dress, who knew Asda would make something so lovely!

    I have some Benetint in stock so will leave it for others ;o)

  4. I grabbed some Posietint this very it. I'll grab another with a Benetint on the front tomorrow. It's more than worth the price of the mag....nice pictures of Jane Goldman inside too!
    Fab dress.

  5. Just found your fabulous blog through La Dama! I made sure I got the glamour freebies, Im a complete mac and benefit make-up whore so I made sure i bagged these. Trying to follow your blog but blogger being a pain and not showing it so will be back to follow. Mwah Scarlett x

  6. I get Glamour on a cheapie subscription anyway (got the posietint) but agree it's well worth buying for the freebies. Women's mags have upped their game with the free stuff recently, at one point all you got were those really appalling nylon bags of dubious provenance and plasticky smell. I just bought InStyle (which I find boring) because it once again had a Nails inc polish on the front - these are worth about £12 and are my favourite nail varnish. Love your Asda frock!

    I just found you via Perdita, also following x

  7. Hello to my new followers and thanks for your comments :) Glad you also went out and got yourself some great freebies!
    Lakota; I've always been a magazine addict, and remember getting free hideous Contance Carol lipstick sellotaped to the front of Jackie or Blue Jeans!!