Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ink, Iron & Hotrod!

 This was supposed to be a great post, full of cool bikes and hot rods, but alas no! The Great British "Summer" weather put a big stop to that I'm afraid!
This Sunday, I was trading at the Ink, Iron & Hotrod show in Batley, West Yorkshire. I set off at 7am to get there, sun was shining and it looked like a beautiful day. I got unpacked at set up on my pitch, which was INSIDE (thank goodness!). When the doors opened at 10am, tons of people came in, and it was really busy! I met a lot of nice people and had a great time trade wise on my stall, but I had no chance to go outside to get some photos of the bikes and 'Rods on display. When it calmed down a bit around 2pm I thought I'd go outside and get some snaps, but lo and behold - it was absolutely hammering down with such heavy rain, and it stayed that way until about 10pm that night! Bummer! So no nice photos to share I'm afraid :(( I did snap a couple of the inside however;
Flyer for the event
Lou, my helper for the day (Lou is also my hairdresser and a drag racer!) and me. We are of course both wearing Dolly Cool everything.....self promotion and all that! ;)
Picture of my stand - wooh! Super reflective arm band on that guy's jacket!
Entertainment on the main stage by the Hicksville Bombers, who were awesome!
The show was co-organised by the Satan's Slaves Bikers and Originals Hot Rod Club. I really had no idea how the two would come together, but it worked so well! There was a really good mixture of people, and a mixture of rock and rockabilly music and merchandise. Special Thanks to John from the Originals HRC who invited me along to the event after seeing my blog on The Kim Show! Both the Hot Rod and the Biker guys were great on the day, helping us unpack the car, checking up on us during the day to make sure we were ok and the event was really well organised. I'm hoping this will be a regular feature in my trade calender...and hopefully next year will be better weather!!!


  1. Shame about the lack of photo-opps, but at least your stall did well. Great picture of you and Lou!

  2. Glad it was busy for your stall! Looks like my kind of day out! Scarlett x

  3. Your stalls are always so cute, how cool ,the rain helped make you some more mula. Rose necklace is gorgeous on you amor.

  4. I'm so disappointed I didn't get to attend this while I was over there. Your stall looks fantastic :-)