Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Deco Celluloid Necklace Super Bargain!

I got some exciting post yesterday....a beautiful 1930's  celluloid charm necklace!
When I was on holiday in Florida a few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for two things - Bakelite bangles and a celluloid charm necklace. I found the Bakelite, but didn't even see any celluloid necklaces in any of the many antique shops we went into. I see them on Ebay and Etsy, and they always go for £100+ if not more, so I was hoping to get something in the States for a good price, but alas, none were to be found.
On returning home, I searched again for some, and found one on Ebay, from an antique store in California with no bids on, and it was ending within the hour! So, I waited and placed my bid within the last few seconds - yep, I'm one of those Ebay sniper types ;) -and I won it! Eeeekk!!! Here it is;
White leaves and bunches of grapes, with contrast red/brown leaves on the top
And a close up...the charms are all in brilliant condition
Has its original clasp....I think I may add a lobster clasp on to it however as the celluloid is quite brittle, and the way the clasp fastens, it may put too much strain on and break. The chain is mostly in good order, with a few cracks here and there, so will just have to be careful when I wear it :)
It even came with two extra grapes - the seller said they were in the box when they got them from the estate sale. I have made them into earrings of course!
And so, how much did I get this for? $25.00! (about £15.00) What a bargain! :))


  1. oh this is sooo lovely. what a great find!

  2. that is heavenly beautiful, I didnt see any either on my trips to the thrift store.what a bargain amor. I emailed you on FB.:)

  3. Oh wow. I love a good bargain like that. It really makes me feel smug and happy, ha ha, how sad am I?

  4. That is a really nice one. Jealous! What a great price, they are usually so much more. Well done you :D

  5. Wowzers! Awesome find! When I get good deals like that I figure it's just Baby Jesus smiling down on me.